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On Sale: Air Jordan Fusion V’s 3M Currently on BNYC Online

This isn’t the only thing on BNYC Online but I had to pick one to post on cause I need to get some sleep lol. I actually saw someone wearing these (I think… it was at night) and let me tell you, all you see is the persons feet reflect. There is something strange bout seeing someones’ whole foot get so bright. It was a little odd, believe me. When you guys see this out in the wild at night, you tell me what’s good. I think this will be perfect for hanging out at night to hang or going to the city (or going to 42nd street in NYC lol)

The sneaker cost 135 on BNYC, but I am not sure why other than they think it won’t sell too well. I don’t know if they will sell cause for 150 dollars, you sure could get something else. Then again, some kids will like the fact that their WHOLE FOOT looks like a sneaker shaped light bulb.

Never shopped at BNYC Online but they seem to be on the up and up, so don’t be too scared to send them your money, but as usual, be careful out there.

By the way, this isn’t glow in the dark, it literally looks like a light bulb when the light reflects off of them. You may want to wait to see them in the stores unless you just have money like that.

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