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Are These Fake? Hell Yes They Are

Air Jordan 11 and 4 Hybrid is FAKE AS HELL IS HOT

(want a hybrid of fakeness? here it is)

There is no explaination for getting this and not knowing it was fake. But I gotta ask this… was this something Brand Jordan was thinking about doing?

Make no mistake, these are fake. i refuse to pretend to ask the question “Are these Fake” and try to giveclues as to whether if they are or not.

No clues here just the answer: they fake.

The Shoe Game put it up and the comments went crazy with currently 86 comments.

So how much would you pay for this? $49.99? $69.99? How about a dollar? lol

Air These Fakes? Starring Air Jordan 11 – 23 Hybrid… yes a hybrid between AJ11-23

Fake as hell is hot AJ Hybrid 11 - 23

(this is just… lawd take the WHEEL!!!)

So I come across this site…. don’t remember if it was one of those spam twitter accounts or if it was someone sending me an IM on one of the sneaker sites I am always on… So I check it out already knowing that its most likely fake and WHAMMMMOOOO!!! And it gets worst! Take a look at this:

AJ 16.5 Fusion is just the fakiest fake sneaker that ever faked a fake

The Air Jordan 16.5 FUSION Air Force One

(yes hybrid fusion Air Force one)

What is sad is that someone IS BUYING THESE THINGS. Do you have fake men and womens shoes? yes, But for some reason fake  sneakers makers seem to go out of their way to be fake.

If you want to buy this type of stuff, fine. But please, for the love of all that is sneaker and shoe, do not walk around actually believing that they are actually real.

Sooooo…. after saying all of that, the question is, Are These Fake? (I dare you to say these are real LOL)

…And Speaking Of Fake Looking Sneakers: Air Jordan Force XIII – Holiday 2009 Release

Air Jordan Force XIII (AJF 13)   Holiday 2009 Release

(I refuse to post the whole sneaker)

This has got to be the most OUTRAGEOUS release for the fusion family I have ever witnessed in my years of life. The mere posting of this picture on has blown up a usually quite  comment section. As of this moment its 98 posts…  And I am sure as this gets posted on many other sneaker blogs it will get  WAY crazier than what’s going on and Senakernews.

At any rate, if I could somehow tell Brand Jordan what to do next, I would most definaitly tell them NOT TO DO THIS. This needs… no, DEMANDS a redesign. Please someone tell them to make that change and look at the man in the mirror (should out to Micheal Jackson).

Nike Air Jordan Fushion 13 AF1

(look familiar???? they even spelled “fusion” wrong!!!)

(what the hell is a “fushion”???)

I have seen those sneakers up there on many fake sneaker sites for quite a while. Are fake sneaker sites telling us something that we should know? Future releases being sneaked out through fake makers? Unbelievable…. This is most certainly on my SAVE-A-SNEAKER list and I don’t think a new colorway will save them either. Total life support for this fusions.

The only positive comment… and its not that positive, its more of a “live with it” and move on type post. Drama…

Nicekicks has a post on these too315 comments is most certainly MORE than the usualy 30-50 comments they get over there. I can only imagine that they are… very strongly worded… lol

Funniest comment:

Jul 9, 2009 at 9:25 am

I need Jigga on this one…DOF Death of Fusions!!! Stop the Blood Cloth Crying…

As this makes its way around the interwebs, I will be sure as heck to follow it.

Are These Fake? Nike Air Force 1 Low… with LIGHTS??? LMAO

FAKEST sneakers I have EVER SEEN

(are they even TRYING anymore????)

Amazingly fake!!! I wasn’t even gonna post this but I was in the process of banning websites from adverting through my Google Ads account and out of all of them, this one really hit me as the most fake. Lights in the air bubble… FROM NIKE???? I thought the Air Jordan 25’s (yes…  Air Jordan 25) that some of these fake sites are hawking for sale at 59.99 was the most outrageous thing they have, but clearly I was wrong.

So, what do you guys think… Are These Fakes? (anyone who says no gets 10 lashes… seriously guys, these are fakes)