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Ol’ Skool Wednesday: Mary J. Blige – Lady Foot Locker x Reebok Commercial

(old school commercial with Mary J Blidge styling)

LOL This Is Pretty Good: Riley Lets Them Know

(oh this is real nice indeed)

(LMAO @ broken ankle/leg… Kobe better wear more socks to protect  himself)

WOW – Paula Abdul Did A Reebok Commercial Back In The Day?

(I still don’t believe it)

Mighty Green Lion On Sale at Dr. Jays

Nice… and for 60 Bucks!

I must have been sleeping through this one… When did they start selling the Voltron Reebok pack? Well, anyway, while browsing through Dr Jay’s catalog of sneakers and shoes, I saw these and felt I should make a post on them. They are on sale for $60.00 with way more pictures of them. You can get the other lions at Dr Jays to (black, red, yellow and blue)


Get a matching t-shirt too… LOL I need this t-shirt!!!