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On Sale: Nike Men’s LunarGlide+ at Finishline

Nike Men's LunarGlide+ Running Shoe

(it almost looks like a normal sneakers… for $99.99)

This sneaker is just freaking intriguing. I have always wondered if this “lunar” technology would actually come in a sneaker that would look good. I did not like the first lunar sneakers (although I did try it on and it was rather comfy) due to the fact that in any size about 10 (I am a size 12) looks like a boat.

Now look at it! This just looks like something that regualr people would wear who may not know of all the tech that goes behind it. In fact I have already seen this particular sneaker 2 times this week verses NO TIME for the lunar space boat of previous generations.

I think I would love to try a pair and in fact this is one of the sneakers on my top ten sneaker list that I am working on (and yes I am doing a list for shoes as well)



On Sale: adidas Men’s Mega Spectrum Running Shoe on Finishline

a wild look for running in… for $109.99 (not bad)

Wow, I like this… but not for just chillin in spank you very much, but to run in? Yes I would run in these. The Magabounces I have now work very well so far. I mean I haven’t ran  in them too long or too often, but they feel great. I am mad that I haven’t really done anything in them but i think that will change in the next couple of weeks.

I think this is for the serious runner (jogging) or someone who is interested in comfort while running or going for long walks. I think the price is good and there is no way that if you run during the twilight hours that a car won’t see you cause these things reflect.

Stuff White People Like says – White People LOVES New balance Sneakers lol

So on this site that I occasionally browse every day or so says, tongue in cheek of course, that white people love New Balance sneakers.

Now, of course you can’t go up to a white person and talk to them about their sneakers. Ohhh noooo. The footwear wear world of white people are fo fickle. Uggs, Birkenstocks, Earth Shoes… Uggs, (did I mention that already? lol) come and go, but New Balance running shoes??? Always hot. Here is a quote from the blog (this blog has been one of to p 10 blogs) Stuff White People Like:

There is, however, one exception: New Balance running shoes. All white people own a pair! Seriously, next time you are at a casual party where guests are encouraged to take off their shoes take a look by the door at the veritable rainbow of New Balance sneakers.

But why do white people love them so uniformly? It is pretty simple really. A few years ago it came out that Nike (and other manufacturers) were producing their shoes in Asian sweatshops and then selling them for a very high profit margin. White people were outraged, they generally prefer that children in developing nations first finish high school before working in shoe-producing sweatshops. Otherwise they might look foolish when their co-workers are talking about Catcher in the Rye.

If this site wasn’t so funny and almost obviously poking fun at racism, I don’t think it would be so popular or hilarious. So stuff like #94 Free Healthcare and #84 T-Shirts are think you need to know if you want to be in the world of upper class white people. Here is a list of my favorites:


Good lawd, fun times. Stuff White people Like is a very funny site and I can only hope and pray it is being done in comedy because stuff like this can not be for real LMAO.

Hybrid Nike Air Max 97 x Air Max Plus (The Tn’s) Pics On

Sneakernews got pictures of both colorways of the new hybrid between the Air Max 97 and Air Max Plus aka Tuned Air aka Tn’s. While Air Tuned aka Tn’s did not do to well on the market and officially you just do not see them any more on any Nike sneaker, Nike has, at least, brought back the best style and colorways of the Tn series.

I loved the Air Tuned aka Tn’s (I’ll admit I do not know how they preformed on the track… I hear people just didn’t like it for what ever reason… more research on that later) and I really loved the Tn’s that came out back in the day. Now they are mixing the 2 and using WAY better colorways for the men. Personally I think the womens Tn’s looked way better as far as colorway was concerned.

When it comes to the air pillow, it seems to be all Air Max and no Tuned Air (but I am not sure yet). This would be in line with other hybrids that only slap on the bottoms of one sneaker line to the upper of another.

I tell you boy, these look good. And the blue and white, while not as flashy, is for the more understated gentleman type lol.

These would seem to be Footlocker Exclusives but I have yet to see them online so I guess you have to go to the stores to get them for now. Footlocker is a national chain so it shouldn’t be hard to find one close to you.


NIKE I wish you would combine the Tn’s with Air Max 360 please. You know how to do it! 360 on the bottom and the Tn’s on the top (upper) and make those colorways HOT thank you. Don’t forget to bring back some of the classic colorways that actually did well.