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Diggin in The Sneaker Crates: Bushwacked!!! President Bush Gets The Shoe Thrown At Him

LMFAO This is the most HILARIOUS thing that could possibly happen to a sitting president. A guy those his shoes (I wonder what kind of shoe was it… will investigate) dead straight at Bush. At first I was like, “whoa this dude is crazy” and even whinced a little at the site of it, but once you know everything is ok… the laughs start. It’s like seeing somebody trip and fall but before you laugh you make sure the person is ok and isn’t seriously hurt. Once I realized Bush was ok (not that I voted or him or anything lol), that whole scene became pure comedy.


(as seen on The Life Files)

The coolest part was that Bush, even at his age, has some moves!

Anyway, more than a few blogs has posted this, more than a few news sites are talking about it and ore than a few TV comedy shoes are going to make jokes about it. Considering that I am one of a few blogs who tries to post anything about footwear or revolving around footwear or related to footwear… I think I have a problem lol… I figure I make a summary post of the more interesting tid-bits online about this incedent.

Since I a m late on this, here is the wrap up of my Shoe/Bush favorites online:

Bush Gets The Boot…urrr um shoe… Games

Bush Shoe Attack

(wow… funny lol Bush Shoot Out)

Bush Gets Shoewack T-shirts


(as seen on HighSnob)

Bush Shoewack… a fashion and sneaker blogs take on it

AMAZING lol And shoe searches have been up online ever since…

Just diggin in the sneaker crates… December 15th 2008

In Shoe News: Iraqi ‘shoe-thrower’ to be freed on Monday says lawyer

(this was just plain funny… and if you must know, it was a size 10.5)

NO POLITICAL POSTS… but this was too funny to pass up

lol what's the score for the home team???

lol what's the score for the home team???

(you gotta see the whole picture)

(are those Air Jordans he’s wearing?)

If You Can Vote…. THEN VOTE

Time To Vote!!!

Please, if you can vote, then vote. Make your voice known. You can’t say much if you aren’t saying anything at all.