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Puma Suede Tommie Smith “Mexico City Olympics” Silent Protest

Puma Suede Tommie Smith Back View

Fight the power! I am not sure I would have done it, and I am not even sure it was the best place to do it either, but it sure made an impact in the rough and tumble 1960’s.

What am I talking about?

Tommie Smith, an Olympian for the 1968 Olympics, won gold and while on the medal stand, he put of a fist and bowed his head. I am sure there are pictures on the net somewhere

1968 Olympics - Silent Protest

Anyway, these are on sale at Mita (never shopped there before, but may have to in order to get these sneakers). I do not know if they are limited or if they will show up in other shops.

Info from

Olympic Sneakers and Shoes: Air Jordan 1 OLYMPIC

(as seen on Hypebeast via

Just because the games are over, doesn’t mean the olympic sneakers stop. There seems to be almost a flood of non-sports sneakers that have either come out toward the end of the Olympics or after the olympics is done. here is one of the latter.

The Air Jordan 1 is a classic (and somewhat affordable) sneakers from the guy who basically put sneakers on the map (along with rappers like Run DMC lol). The AJ1 has had many variations of the past couple of years in colorways. I personally have 4 different AJ1’s (Old Love New Love, Alpha Omega, and one pair of that baseball pack… of which I should have gotten both) so I think I am AJ1 done, but I think I will be getting these.

You can see more pictures at Nicekicks or at Hypebeast (if you follow the sneaker blogs like I do you can see them almost everywhere, especially the Fab Four)

Lisa Leslie First Team Player To Have 4 Golds Plays Her Last Olympics

I somehow missed the ladies games and in particular the gold metal game. I would have loved to see that for the last time. Lisa Leslie, along with her team, keeps Olympic gold for Team USA and for her final ceremony she wears all four golds on the podiam.

Some of the other players on the team include Tina Thomson, Candace Parker, and Kara Lawson.

Lisa Leslie: First team sport athlete (male or female) in Olympic history to win gold metals in 4 consecutive Olympic games. What an accomplishment.

Ladies and Gentlemen The New Olympic BasketBall Gold Winner Is… USA

Most seen sneaker in the finals LOL

Firstly I will admit that I did not know that Team USA lost for the past 8 years… I thought they had a unbroken streak. Secondly I didn’t know that Spain (or anybody outside the US) was that good. I mean Spain was gooooood. If this was an NBA final would Team USA won the best 4 out of 7?

This was a big win. And I might say, since I am grown and sexy, they were successful on AND off the court. I am very proud that they went there and really represented us in the Olympics.

You can see a whole bunch of shots, scores and other data on NBC Olympics (at least in the USA… I think others can go to YouTube to see video). You HAVE to see the pictures. I think the pictures say more than the videos.

And yes, you can see the sneakers they are wearing too in many of the shots. By the way, did anybody notice that when they were playing for the gold that you could only really see the sneakers of the USA team? LMAO On top of that, why in the world, in the OLYMPICS, did they play the theme from the NBA during the breaks? The NBA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! I’m watching the Olympics and I’m hearing the theme when they get to the end of the game.

Unbelievable LMAO

Sooooo… What Was Micheal Phelps and Team Wearing On Their Feet?

The American Swimming Team (Go Team USA!!!) has made history, kept history and broke a new world record while doing it. First of all, I was totally not aware that the US swim team never lost the 400M Swim since the inception of the 400 at the Olympics.

That is ALMOST as interesting  as what they were wearing on their feet (at least to me lol). I had to rewind the tape a few times (and no, they do not swim in footwear but they did walk out in them) to see them and make sure that what I was looking at was what I was looking at.

And I am still not sure lol

Well, this is what I think they had on:

The only problem here is that the sneaker I saw them wearing looked like it had the Nike swoosh on the upper, not on the midsole. Maybe its the next gen?

Here are the details from Nike:

The shoe of champions. Just like the Beijing athletes who take to the medal stand in Nike Air Rejuven8 LE Men’s Shoe, you too, can enjoy this lightweight, cool-down shoe that’s designed to soothe weary feet.

  • Breathable mesh upper for cooling ventilation
  • Lightweight Phylon midsole
  • Rubber pods outsole for excellent traction

100 Dollars is what this will cost you… and it looks really comfortable.

I do have a few un-footwear related questions though:

  1. Why would anybody wear sneakers walking to the pool knowing that all you are going to do is swim?
  2. How did Visa know Micheal Phelps would get 8 Gold metals before he did it? lol
  3. Why does NBC have a chronicle ready for all to buy on  its website…ready to be shipped!
  4. Why, even after all the attention to swimming, will their still be no Aquaman movie/tv show?
  5. Why do they call Micheal Phelps Superman when he is a swimmer and not Aquaman?

Man, Aquaman just can’t get no love!

Olympic Sneakers and Shoes: adidas Olympic Advertising

Ummmm…. I don’t get it. More at High Snob

Olympics T-Shirts: 2008 Basketball Tees

I would like to go back-to-school with this! lol

This t-shirt looks AWESOME!!! I may even buy a couple of them even though I still feel that t-shirts should only cost 15 or 20 bucks, not 30 to 70 dollars, but it looks good enough to pay the amount they want. $39.99 and it won’t be available until the Olympics is over/almost over (08/22/08)

3 different styles available. And you may wanna look at this too. Nice.

Non-Sneaker & Shoe news: 12,000 Calories A Day for Micheal Phelps

When you run, swim and just all around move 6 days a week, you need energy and that is what one gold winner does; at the rate of 12,000 calories a day.

I remember when I was running track I could eat anything at any time and still want more. I can only imagine what someone who swims through water would want to eat. I know one thing, carbs, carbs and more carbs is what one needs to eat.

What does he eat?

3 fried egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, and mayonnaise
2 cups of coffee
a 5 egg omelet
a bowl of grits
3 slices of French toast with powdered sugar
3 chocolate chip pancakes

And that is just breakfast. Imagine he does all of that and is 6′ 4″ and weighs 185 pounds (I’m 6’2″ and weigh 238 pounds LMAO). I guess you need all of that for being the winningnest (real word?) Olympic medal winner EVAAARRRR!!!

Does this mean that the movie Aquaman will actually become a reality due to all this swimming fever? Ladies, he is single.

As seen on WNBC news New York

Olympic Sneakers and Shoes: Mens adiStar Sailing

Here in NYC there was a “special” report on sneakers. It looks like I wasn’t the only one who wanted to take a look at what the people in the Olympic are wearing on their feet. Anyway here is a sneaker that the row boat team (or somebody who is suppossed to be on the water) will be wearing. No laces, all zippers lol

Here are the details from the adidas shop site:

adiStar Sailing
Set sail single-handedly in these shoes that are light and supportive so you can ride the water. A neoprene upper with TPU bands keeps you in command. The wind never met such a match.
  • 3mm neoprene upper provides warmth, unrestricted movement and sock-like feel during summer sailing
  • Thin, welded elastic TPU bands for additional comfortable support without movement limitation
  • Optimal for RS:X, Laser, Finn Olympic classes
  • Speed Heel featuring RadialCurve contours, sculpted heel and midfoot for secure grip on wet decks
  • Sticky forefoot rubber cupsole with RadialCurve for superior multidirectional water traction
  • Imported

Source: Shop adidas

Its not a sneaker I think people will wear on the streets of NYC, but it does have style. Plus, its an odd thing to add to your sneaker collection, but that’s what makes you different. 🙂

The adiStar Sailing costs $75. Plenty of sizes available… of course lol

THE OLYMPICS 2008 IS HERE: 08-08-08 and The Sneakers Look Great

(also see the Air Jordan Olympia at Sporting

Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremonies

The Olympics have started and soon we will be seeing all the athletes footwear styles and designs. What will they wear, whats on it, why, where can you get it, and so forth will be here (to some extent… I’m only one guy blogging for fun here lol)

I know I won’t be able to watch everything like I used to, but I will be taping stuff and watching the basketball game, swimming, beach volleyball, cycling, and track.

By the way, isn’t this funny? YouTube will have the Olympics, but just not in the US Boooooooo!!!! Go ahead and give it a shot, but for those in the us (that includes NYC lol), it won’t work.

Oh and check out this site I found. Nice.