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Would You Buy These Motorcycle Shoes? Alpinestars Octane

2007_Alpinestars_Octane_Riding_Shoe(but what about black and red?)


To me they actually look pretty good and obviously they are functional for what you will be putting them through…. BUT, is it somehting a rider would buy or whould they just buy a regualr pair of kicks?

If you are a biker, do you wear Alpinestars?

Notice The Bike… Notice The Shoe

Aprilia RSV 1000 Factory Transformers

(serious riders wear Pumas lol)

(I guess he opted out of the AJV’s Motorsports)

You know what? I want a bike. I have settled on the fact that I want one. It will be the 6th vehicle that I want  (what I want is pretty plain for the most part – Nissan Quest, Buick Enclave, Chevy Camaro, Lexus GS450 Hybrid and the Cadillac CTS Wagon… 7th car may be the previous version Cadillac truck with the workbed TOTALLY hooked up and painted but that )

What will I get to ride with my bike? A pair of Pumas of course (for some reason, I just don’t see me riding hard and heavy with a pair of Air Jordan V’s that match my bike)

Its Gotta Be The Shoes: NASCAR’s Limited Editon Motorcycle

You don’t think NASCAR and then think old school bike, but here we are. Many thanks for Luxist for letting the interwebz knowing about this.

And yes, its the shoes that make this bike work. If it wasn’t for the bike rims and the white wall tires (I think white walls are going to be very hot next year on cars) this thing would look as plain as hell. As usual, its the shoe that make the man… bike.

Only 60 bikes will be made.