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On Shape + Color: adidas grün “guerilla gardeners”

(from sneakerfreaker and Shape + Color)

What a cool find. While just browsing the WordPress blogs, I bumped into this blog that is into advertising, art and media (which is funny cause I do have a little fetish for that stuff too) and they mentioned this new thing adidas is doing called grün. Grün is green in German. The adidas grün is supposed to be the environmentally safe sneaker.

Sort of what Nike is doing…

Here is a quote snatched from Shape + Color:

Finally, everything in the “Recycled” line is exactly what it says – shoes and apparel made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles, rubber, and others materials that otherwise would have sat in a landfill for eternity.


So basically, somewhat like the Air Jordan 23 “Considered”, here we have a sneaker that is totally recycled and I will assume biodegradable (or at least some parts are easily re-recycled).

Being that Shape + Color is a blog about advertising, art and media, they also show just how adidas markets the sneaker line. The images of one of their adverts (of which is actually the main story which is the guerilla gardeners) can be seen on Shape + Color.

Very interesting… I am going to have to look into this more and see what Nike does, as well as adidas and other sneaker (and shoe) brands.

Reebok on Yahoo: Reebok Framed

The New Design Look of Reebok?

…do you notice the new design look…

Soooooooo… Reebok has created a form of advertising and art promo for what seems to be a new design feel for the future of Reebok. From what I have seen so far, I do like it. I am not too much of a fan of Reebok so that does mean allot.

You should see… and I mean this… I am sending a email to A Hot Mess right now… the people who are in these films. Oh my goodness great day in the morning! I was DYING LAUGHING at some of the people they put together. Some will be ok I am sure… but the one with Regina King/Vince Young and Allen Iverson/Nelly are just classic to me. I don’t care if its good or not… there are classic just because of who is directing and staring in these short films.

What’s worst is that I would post it here…. but they didn’t YouTube it. They do allow embeding, but that is a little hard to do here on wordpress unless you are using 1 of like 3 services… they should have YouTubed it like adidas did… I wonder if I can VodPod it????

Another bad part of this promo is that when you try to see the sneakers they are sort of telling you about, you can’t. Everyone pretty much knows the Reebok Answer, but the other sneakers are a mystery to me.

If Reebok goes with this new look (I’ll admit that I don’t follow Reebok enough to really know if this is a new look, but it seems new to me) I think they will go far. I am sure some will not like the look though, but I think it works well especially for those who want to stand out a little.

Oh and by the way, there are some pics of this Reebok project… it just makes everything even more interesting.

Sneaker Fiends Are Leaders: Always buying sneakers is the sign of a leader

Simpsons x Vans All Fourteen Shoes

Always buying sneakers? It’s the sign of a leader: poll

Levix x Air Jordan

Its true ladies and gentlemen. I AM PROOF OF IT!!! lol Well, anyway, while I was going the news of the day, I came across this gem! It would seem that people who buy more than 3 sneaker a year are 61% more likely to be a leader (or the qualities of a modern leader). Not 3% or 20%. 61% of the people who love footwear and tend to get it at or more than 3 times a year are natural born killers leaders! We are also more likely to be assertive (I’m not too assertive) and 47% percent likely to be spontaneous (I’m not that spontaneous… I’m a little bit like that).

Here’s a quote from the news article:

“It is often said you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, and now we have some hard data to back that up,” Arvonio told Reuters.

“What is interesting is that these personality traits held true across the board, regardless of age, income, or gender.”

The news article also goes into what type of person buys hybrid cars and people who pay their credit card bills on time. That stuff is TOTALLY UNRELATED TO SNEAKERS OR SHOES but it is interesting.

Nike Air Force 1 LUX