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zoe&zac Gets It – Women Has Footwear On Top Of Head


(lets get more ladies doing that)

Now this is just interesting, don’t you think? Is the sneaker culture slowly (but at a quicker pace) penetrating the ass minds of society? Are we going to see more articles on sneakerheads? Maybe some articles exposing someone wearing fakes thinking that they are real (I’m looking at you Big Boi LMAO)? ladies, anybody a little more interested in zoe&zac because of this picture? Would you buy this:


On Sale: JUMP Shangai Shoe on Zappos

JUMP Shangai Shoe

Price of Admission: $100.50

(.50 cents added to the flat $100 price seems odd lol)

On Sale: Sweet Life By Dolce Vita Lace Heel

Sweet Life By Dolce Vita Lace Heel

Admission Price $128

On Sale: Sam Edelman Lombard Bootie on Urban Outfitters

Sam Edelman Lombard Bootie

Admission Price: $99.99 (on super sale from $168)

On Sale: Christian Louboutin Robot 120 Ankle Boots

Christian Louboutin Robot 120 ankle boots

Price of Admission: $1,295

(a nice look for the ladies, right guys?)

Oh man, I have been so slacking in posts. Trying to work out school life, my new schedule, taking a break from school and how it will effect my finish time… but anyway, you aint come here to read all of that, you came to see sneakers and shoes (and other related items). Well, I have been ignoring the ladies in the shoe department for a while now, so here you go.

And guys are complaining about Kayne West Lious V sneakers??? Ladies, tell us guys what prices you pay for footwear LOL What’s even funnier is that I don’t see these shoe makers tell you ANYTHING about some technology that went into the shoe to make them comfortable. Just because women have a higher tolerance for pain doesn’t mean they don’t want “Zoom Air” in there 6″ high heels.

But hey… that’s they way things are I guess. For now. First seen on Roc4Life (they got a social website now too??? can’t stop the social movement I guess lol)

Christian Louboutin Wants To Make Sneaker… Apparently

Christian Louboutin Sneakers

(would you buy?)

(possible look at first ever sneaker from the shoe maker)

(what kind of shoes does Christian Louboutin make? video below)

(wonder if the bottom is red?)

High Heels: Upward Trend Alarms Docs

This is for the ladies in the house. If you are thinking about wearing the 8″ heel next summer, maybe you will think twice about them.

Take care of those feet.

Paris Hilton Puts Out… A Shoe Collection

I wasn’t sure if I should post this considering that this is old news… and the shoes don’t look particularly good… but I figure, “hey maybe someone who wants to know about it, didn’t know they came out”.

Again, looking for a video on Yahoo Video, I came across the Paris collection. I sort of wished it was showing what she has in her closet as opposed to what shoe she was pushing, but hey you can’t win them all.

Paris Hilton Flair ($93.00 at

You can get the Paris Hilton Collection at I like the Flair and the Chico… but what do I know, I’m a guy.

Interesting… House Of Nassat Crochet Boots

I have no words for this… as seen on Highsnobette.

On Sale: Nicholas Kirkwood Lattice Front Shoe with Buckle

Nicholas Kirkwood strikes again!!! These are some nice shoes right here. Browns has them for sale for 470.00. these are some straight grown and sexy shoes for the ladies. I have no idea of what you can wear with these cause the shoes seem very detailed, but you would defiantly would catch my eye if you were earing them.

As seen on the website Browns.