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Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: SneakerFreaker ASAFA POWELL INTERVIEW

(man, would have loved to run in these)

Not much to say here other than it was a interesting read back then and its worth taking a look at again. Just diggin in the sneaker crates… August 7th 2008 on SneakerFreaker

SoJones Interviews Blog Founder Matt Halfhill

Guess who did an interview? You ever heard of Nicekicks? I mean I only mention the blog every other day so if you are coming here you must have heard of the site. Well So Jones interviews the one and only Matt halfhill who is the main man behind Nicekicks (and its founder).

If you want to know how a blog that started in 2006 can be the bahemoth it is then you should head over there and read the interview.

If you are into sneakers, you have to, HAVE TO read this article.

Now if you are into sneaker AND shoes then stick around here for more posts LMAO


Why are you still here reading this? Go read the interview thank you lol

Custom Snkr Interviews Sole Junkie



The best part of all of this, is that you can actually BUY THE SNEAKERS!!! You can not get more original that having these or your own sneaker commissioned for you.

Custom Snkr (that’s Custom Sneaker in case you didn’t get it) did a interview with the one and only Sole Junkie. You find out who this person is, why Sole Junkie does what Sole Junkie does, and so on.

Sole Junkie blog is here and the website is here. Read the interview and check out Sole Junkie!!!