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In Sneaker News: Business Week Writes An Article On Sneaker Culture

Business Week has written an article on what it means to be a sneakerhead. Long lines, people accusing you of wearing fakes, lots of money spent and so forth. At least people who are well into being sneaker head (unlike myself, I’m a beginner lol), at least they know that according to another article written here that they are leaders as well.

Tell them I sent ya.

In Sneaker News: The Walking Bike – On

The Walking Bike // Current

The Walking Bike


Sooooooo… does anybody recognize the sneakers and shoes currently posing as wheels on this bike? Good because I don’t! I only see 2 I recognize and the rest are drawing a blank.I do, at least, know the sneaker brands represented… well except for that white and red sneaker at the top of the front “wheel” and the gray sneaker.

If you can name them, the post it in the comments, I’ll edit the post to recognize your supremeness and sneaker savvy. If your wondering where my sneaker savvy is, well I’m new to this game! lol

The original link is here: New

And now the video (this thing actually works??? LMAO)

 I wouldn’t ride the thing to work, but it would seem a great way to get some excirsize. Then again, you could run in one pair of sneakers.

By the way, has anybody noticed that he picked some of the coolest sneakers to become a wheel? Is that an adidas Y-3? And those Air Force One low with the green gum is fresh! I must have missed it when those came out. Here is a closer look at the front wheel: (more…)

Sneaker Fiends Are Leaders: Always buying sneakers is the sign of a leader

Simpsons x Vans All Fourteen Shoes

Always buying sneakers? It’s the sign of a leader: poll

Levix x Air Jordan

Its true ladies and gentlemen. I AM PROOF OF IT!!! lol Well, anyway, while I was going the news of the day, I came across this gem! It would seem that people who buy more than 3 sneaker a year are 61% more likely to be a leader (or the qualities of a modern leader). Not 3% or 20%. 61% of the people who love footwear and tend to get it at or more than 3 times a year are natural born killers leaders! We are also more likely to be assertive (I’m not too assertive) and 47% percent likely to be spontaneous (I’m not that spontaneous… I’m a little bit like that).

Here’s a quote from the news article:

“It is often said you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, and now we have some hard data to back that up,” Arvonio told Reuters.

“What is interesting is that these personality traits held true across the board, regardless of age, income, or gender.”

The news article also goes into what type of person buys hybrid cars and people who pay their credit card bills on time. That stuff is TOTALLY UNRELATED TO SNEAKERS OR SHOES but it is interesting.

Nike Air Force 1 LUX