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On Sale: Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW – Men’s – on Eastbay


[green rainbow for sale]

Ok so it’s time for me to get posting again. It’s my mission in life to tell people who I don’t know that a pair of kicks are on sale. Usually they are a pair I like and I think should get attention.

Then there are other times… This is those other times.

Don’t like the way these look at all BUT they are still Air Max’s (the most comfortable sneaker ever) and they are $60 bucks off.

So that turns these “green rainbow” looking kicks into good looking kicks.

You getting them?

On sale now on



Lawd Have Mercy… Any News On The Air Jordan 14.5?

From sneakerfiles and kenlu - Air Jordan 14.5 Renders(why lawd, just tell me why no news on this yet?)

No news that I am aware of on  these proposed sneaker hybrid between the AJ14 and the AJ15. I hope they are still planning on releasing these in the future. There were no mock up or samples of this sneaker so all I have to go on is the drawing done by Kenlu

Pic via Sneakerfiles

Air Jordan 16.5 is Growing On Me

Air Jordan 16.5

(I wasn’t too sure at first… still not sure… but its growing on me)

While this isn’t one of the better colorways that have been shown, the 16.5, at first a disappointment, has now grown on me a little. I am not saying yet that these are one of the must haves for me to get, but they look alright. Maybe I need to get a personal view of these.

Lets hope for better colorways.

From Footlocker blog via Sneakernews

Not Sure About These: Air Jordan 16.5 in Black and Red

Air Jordan 16.5

(not too sure about these… but the internetzzz loves it)

(more on this later)

So Foot Locker Blog is trying to get in the game? That’s all good with me! Looks like they got the shots of what is to come in November and its called the AJ16.5. it looks ok, I guess… but whatever. Its not exactly what I thought it would look like. Maybe I need to see it in person.

Speaking of hybrids between one version of the AJ sneaker and another…

From sneakerfiles and kenlu - Air Jordan 14.5 Renders

(where it at???)

Ohhhh man, I need pictures, samples, release dates…. something, anything!!! I am a sensative man *starts to cry* but this is getting out of hand here.

The New Black Half Cent Penny’s Look S.I.C.K.!!!

Black Half Cent Penny from Sole Siruis via NikeTalk

(first seen on Sole Siruis, via NikeTalk)

(and man, it looks good to me!!!)

Guess Who Shows Up In Half Cent Pennys? Chris Brown

Chris Brown with University of Mary Washington basketball team

(watch the video on TMZ right here)

Wow, he has been off the radar for a while since what I will now call “the incident”. Now he comes out just a few days before his court date to do some charity work of some sort wearing the Half Cent Penny’s with a somewhat matching shorts. Is this a good look or is the media (and many bloggers) giving him a hard time?

Nike Half Cent Hybrid Theory - from

(I think Lil’ Penny shed a tear today)

Well, his sneaker game is tight, I think we can agree on that.

Ok, This Is The Joint – Nike Air Force 1 x Huarache Hybrid

Nike Air Force 1 x Huarache Hybrid - White / White - Ice

(as seen on everyblog everywhere cause they so freakin HAWT)

(thank you Weeklydrop and Sneakerfiles for this one!!!)

Oh course I still have just on critisims… where exactly is the Huarache part of this sneaker???? lol I guess that would be my one problem with this sneaker. A Huarache patch and a symbol through the ice does not a huarache make. Maybe there is some detail I am not reading that makes these more huarache than they look… but I aint seein’ it lol

Other than that, these things are freakin AWESOME (I told myself to stop saying that word but its the first thing that comes to my mind). Clean white and the transucent light blue sole just sets it off so nicely it makes you cry. Its suppossed to release this summer (or spring) of this year. Hopefully it will not be one of those quick strike numbers they pull on us (although I will admit it should be limited but just not super limited… like thos 1/2 Hybrid Penny’s right?)

You are going to want to see more pictures so head toward the Weekly Drop for more info. Via

Nike Free Hybrid Boot

I wouldn’t call this a hybrid. I think a hybrid is more like an obvious sole of one sneaker while the top is all another sneaker. This here is more like a fusion of 2 styles.

Anyway, according to Hypebeast, these are built on the considered tenant of being  environmentally safe. The original source is Sneakernews… I didn’t see that there lol

No info one when it will come out.

Well, This Actually Looks Good: Olympic Air Jordan 6Rings

I am sort of iffy about the whole 6Rings. I like the fact that it looks allot like the AJ11’s (the very same that will release this December as part of the Countdown Pack) but then it sort of goes down hill from there. This colorway looks good though. It just goes to show you that a sneaker (or shoe) can look totally different in another color. Pics from KixandtheCity as seen via The Shoe

OMG!!! Half Penny As Seen On The Shoe Game

The year of the Hybrid continues into 2009 as Nike fuses a few sneakers from the Air Penny line. Why its called 1/2 Penny i don’t know, but its cute. I guess its not a full Penny sneaker but its made up of other sneakers sooooo…. I’m thinking too much about that.

See more pictures on The Shoe I think this is a very cool looking sneaker. Can’t wait to see more shots!!!