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Alife Everybody Mid Lux TWEED… very nice.

All I am going to say is that this is very nice. Very nice. More info on

Get That Fitted: TRUE x NEW ERA Grass Collection

I am not, I repeat, not into fitted caps or baseball caps period. I don’t remember the last time I wore a baseball cap. is it because I’m old? I’m not that old LOL

Anyway, here is another hat being shown from the only site I go to when it comes to fitteds, Strictly Fitteds, this hat is a collaboration between New Era and TRUE. It is a great look that almost makes me want to wear a baseball cap. Almost.

The hat is limited and the easiest place to get them is at

Custom Fitteds: Custom Hat from Jay Cruz on Strictly

Jay Cruz Custom Hat

I haven’t done my 25 – 30 readers justice! I have been focusing so much on sneakers that I have totally forgot about what is going on in the fashion areas. Strickly is a place I stop by weekly (I see I need to stop by there more often) and this post on a custom hat that Jay Cruz created was posted a while ago but I didn’t say anything about it.

Well, let me say something now: This is the fly-est custom hat I have seen in a long time. I don’t know how original it is in concept cause I don’t watch the hat scene like Strictly does, but I LOVE IT!!! Maybe its because I’m from NY and I have a affinity toward anything subway, but I think it looks great and was well done.

On Strictly Fitted, they have more shots of this hat and what seems like a different hat in the post. I’m too slow to realize if they are 2 different hats or not but all the pics only show how fly Jay Cruz is.

Visit Jay Cruz’s MySpace here:

Oh and something else I found while browsing Strictly Fitted, I saw this site that shows you just how important picking the right hat with the right sneaker. My isn’t a site I have ever bought from so I can’t vouch for the site, but it was on Strictly Fitteds so its probably ok. Happy shopping.

New Jordan Spizike Cool Grey from Sneaker Files

New Jordan Spizike Cool Grey – Sneaker Files – Air Jordan – Nike Air Force One – SB – Release Dates and Information

Unrelease Cool Grey Air Jordan Spizike

Could it be that more Spizikes are coming out?

I read this from and that Jordan himself was wearing an yet unreleased (maybe never released… who knows) pair of Spizikes at Flight School.

With about 60+ comments on Sneakerfiles about the look of the sneaker, I have to say that allot of people have allot to say about the look.

The last one to be officially released that people have been talking about was the white and cement Spizikes (limited release in December). For a better look at what might be, click the link at the top of the page.


They are coming out. Somewhere in the Fall of 2008. And while you gaze at the pictures online (cool grey is so cool), you may want to take a look at the video below too… it does look really nice. Now I have to try to fit this and those Fusion V’s in my budget… and damn, those Fusion III (3’s) are looking might good too.

Oh and as a BONUS video… more Spiz’ike action with some Carmines to boot: