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Just Beautiful… Gourmet Spring and Summer Line Up For 2010

Gourmet Spring and Summer 2010 Footwear Preview

(well thank you very much!)

Gourmet is done with doing tributes to Jordan… and is making some crazy nice looking fashion moves for 2010. There is almost nothing bad I can say about any of the sneaker that came off of website via Hypebeast.

But will the people like this?

Sneakernews as of late has been getting more people to comment on the site, so the idea that only 3 people said anything isn’t a good sign, BUT all of them were positive of which is a pretty good sign.

I am almost sure that most people who visit many sneaker sites are not interested in commenting on sneakers that are not Nike or Jordan (which is too bad) so with that said (written) its possible that the 3 current comments represent what people think about them.

Anyway, plenty of shots on Sneakernews so check them out.

Air Jordan X OnePiece 2006 Promo Samples… in safety orange of all colors

Air Jordan X - One-Piece - 2006 Promo Samples Safety Orange and Navy


I am this close in making this the official sneaker to represent the Save-A-Sneaker lol I swear what in the colorway hell is this?

I will admit I love the idea of a one piece and I think Gourmet (with those tribute sneakers to Jordan that had a love/hate reaction)  also thought it was a good idea enough to do it. Its too bad that they didn’t or maybe its good that they didn’t with safety orange as a colorway.

I love how sneaker (and shoe) companies push the envelop. I hope my criticisms don’t scare them into not taking chances (like my blog is that popular lol) but this right here has to be one of the less-better idea.

2 colorways were tried and let me just say that the navy one is the better choice (but it still looks a little odd though). See more on

The Gourmet L’Otto Looks Very Good


(now this is one smoooo000OOOth)

This is the very same sneaker company who made sneakers that looked oddly like Jordans (an obvious copy but I think they did it in fair taste and wasn’t trying to hide it – like other companies I could mention). But these sneakers (even with the air bag look) have an original look to it that I think many people can appreciate.

Gourmet Lotto 2

(it just gets smoother! a must buy for the grown and sexy)

Its defiantly for those who want a classic look with a touch of today’s technology. The sneaker comes in 2 colorways and you can bet that the other colorway is just as hot as this one is. You can see more about it on Sneaker

Found This on Oy Girl: Chocolate Shoes for Real!!!

Chocolate High Heel Shoe

OMG!!! Real Chocolate shoes from Gayle’s Chocolate

Thank you OY Girl for this one. I do not think I would have found this without my fellow WordPress blogger. This confectionary MASTERPIECE actually looks like a womens high heel shoe. I now know what to get one of my friends lol I think she will love this one (especially after giving up a expensive pair of shoes).

Here is a description of the sweet candy:

And you thought Nordstrom’s was the place for the shoe-obsessed? Clearly this is a designer shoe that is a fit for anyone with a taste for gourmet chocolate. All shoes are handmade and no two are alike. Shoe measures seven inches long, 5-1/2 inches high and includes the poly purse.

Hawt! And they have other shoes too… makes me think is Pastry still makes pastries lol (by the way, I’ll admit, even though I am a guy, that Pastry shoes are hot)