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What’s Out Now: Girls Air Jordan 4 at Finishline

Why do the kids get the dope sneakers? Then again maybe its dope because its for the kids? Either way if the kids (or the parents of the kids) like Jordan’s, then these will definitely make them happy. Usually I don’t like denim on sneakers. It takes allot to make it work for me, but these work.

Currently at Finishline HERE

The Air Jordan Retro IV Basketball Shoe is an iconic shoe with a proven track record. In order to keep up with Jordan’s championship caliber play, the Air Jordan 4 debuted in 1989. The shoe matched his stellar season in which he achieved NBA All-Star, All Defense, and First Team honors.

I wonder why they didn’t release this before Christmas or before the start of the school year? Oh well… for the biggest sizes the price tops out at $139.99 and drops from their depending on what smaller size you end up getting.

Private Basketball League Bans 12 y/o Girl Phenom… Good Grief

What has the world come to? The first question that comes to mind is that if this was a boy, would he be banned because of some rule that was obviously not enforced until some parent complained about their kids loosing? So much for playing for fun and learning good sportsmanship. Is our society so obsessed with winning that all we want to teach our kids is that winning is the only way? Do you know how many shots Micheal Jordan missed or what seed he was coming out of college? Bill Gates is a drop out, LeBron wanted to play Football, and Warren Buffet, the richest man alive (until I came along 20 years from now) started his multi-billion dollar investment business as a shirt company (in other words, he failed to get that shirt business going… must have been a hard lesson in loosing to make him a winner, h’uh?).

Ok, I was ranting about something else just then. Anyway, I don’t think they should have banned her, but I do think she should probably play with another group who is more advanced in BBall. Its too bad though cause I am sure some of the other players who want to win or play against her will not get the chance to step their game up. And her team mates also won’t be able to do the same.

I think this whole thing is a loose – loose situation. She seems to have a good attitude about it though and to me, that means she really did win anyway. Ever heard the phrase I will Not Loose? It doesn’t mean you actually don’t ever loose, it means you can’t loose if you learn from the situation and become better for it. How can you loose when everything thrown at you makes you better (and richer)?

I wish her the best!!! Hope to see her at a college game in 6 years. Ohio State maybe?

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