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Cool Grey For Me – Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor

(and you have to know what she is rockin)

(…oh and Dr Jays wants to know if denim jackets are coming back)

Air Jordan Cool Grey Spizikes

Man, I wish I got these *starts to cry* 😦

Air Jordan Fusion VI Low Looks… Funny

Air Jordan Fusion VI (6) Low Sample - Black - Infrared

If the high top version seems a little plain Jane, you are going to wonder just how appealing with the low tops be (why are they making low top versions of this fusion and not others I don’t know). Well here is part you your answer. Why part? because these are sample pictures of what could be so they may actually look better (or worst) than they llook now.

Only time will tell.

Find out more on

Nike Air Foamposite Boot Is Next Up For December 08

It comes in 2 colorways to start, who knows how many during the course of the 08 winter

I am not too sure about this one right here. I know that the Nike boot a very popular boot in NYC for winter 07/08 but I don’t know about the foamposite boot will do the trick. They don’t look all that great but I know they are comfortable. I am not sure how much more comfortable adding the foamposite will make them but I will put my foot in them to see. The pair I got now (that are not foamposite mind you) are very comfortable and my feet are very happy about it.

The all black one’s I think will be more popular. As for the blue and black ones, they look cool but I think they will be hard to pas going to work lol

They gonna cost 225 dollars. Yeah, 225 dollars. MO money MO Money MO Money!!!! LMAO

As seen  on Sole Collector

Nike Free Hybrid Boot

I wouldn’t call this a hybrid. I think a hybrid is more like an obvious sole of one sneaker while the top is all another sneaker. This here is more like a fusion of 2 styles.

Anyway, according to Hypebeast, these are built on the considered tenant of being  environmentally safe. The original source is Sneakernews… I didn’t see that there lol

No info one when it will come out.

Air Jordan Fusion 20 (XX) as seen on

Sole-Locker got the pictures and every sneaker site online is posting the news lol

This looks nice. I like this better than the black and red one (then again, maybe it is because the strap wasn’t on… Imma have to wait to see the final sneaker).  I can see this one selling out like the Fusion V’s sold out. (That reminds me, I wonder how the Fusion 3’s are doing? I haven’t seen them too much anywhere but I’m still seeing the Fusion 12’s and V’s all over)

If you want to read the comments people have for this sneaker, you can visit The Shoe Game and you can see how people felt about it on before you start saving your money lol

Man, now I have to figure out how I am going to bu these things. Looks like I may have to do some overtime lol

Could This be The New Air Jordan Fusion 6?

They look good but I though there would be more Air Jordan 6 than Air Force One. I need more shots but so far its still something I would get (lol too bad I told myself that I am only going to get the Countdown 11+12 and the Eggplant Foamposites and then take a break). I love the Air Force One supreme midsoles.

I wonder if they will do this fo the Air Jordan 7, 8, 11, 14 and 19’s? I think those will be very interesting.

For more info you can head over to The Shoe Game or Nicekicks.

OK, Where Is It! Air Jordan Fusion V White and Red NO WHERE TO BE FOUND

Sooo Where the hell is it?

OK LADIES AND GENTLEMAN this shoe went so fast that Finishline don’t even have the picture up anymore! Eastbay don’t tell you anything about the sneaker either.

So far the only sneaker blog (that I watch anyway) who sad they are supposed to release today is and says on thier respective release pages that it is supposedly to be released today 06/14/08 but I don’t see it ANYWHERE! These guys are gonna make me go out to the store in the morning just to see if it actually released.

If anybody knows if it actually got released today, let me know. I knew it was suppossed to be limited, but this is rediculous.

EDIT: They did release and they were in stores. You can still find some in places in NYC but mostly in grade school sizes. Even though I liked these Fusion V’s the most, after seeing them in person, they are also pretty… plain looking. I still like them though, but not the most anymore.

Oh and these released to day also. I don’t expect to see them around much though…

Best on Mars Vs Best on Earth: Air Jordan Fusion III

Although I am not too happy with the colorway of either the Best on Mars or the Best on Earth Fusion III looks, I have to admit that I am more attracted to them then the other Fusion III’s (even though they look better… that Forth of July release looks cool and the ones they will release in September also are pretty hot coming in original Air Jordan colorways)

Best on Earth as seen on

Best on Mars as seen on (images from – obviously –

I am liking the original look of these. As I wrote already, they don’t look that great, but I just like them. Maybe its because I am trying to be the best on mars and on Earth and having a sneaker that says that works out for me.

These are supposed to be released sometime in July. No date set yet. See more fusion stuff on

Air Jordan Fusion 20 (XX): Pantent Leather Monster

Good grief. I think the Fusion 20 is pretty nice but this is not too nice. Message to Brand Jordan: Stop with the patent leather on everything please. Its just not nessicary and many times, it is not pretty.

To see more pictures, visit the original pictures come from a site called (never heard of it).

I’m just going to say it: I like the Fusion XX, but this color on the mid-sole is wrong and the patent leather all over the place is not that nice.

Next Up: Air Jordan Fusion Force V White and Red

(image from

Guess what is next on my list of must have sneakers while still sticking (mostly) to my sneaker budget. As seen on, the release day is set for June 14 2008.

I still think this is the best looking Fusion V to come out, but overall, I am very impressed with the Fusion V look. I wasn’t when i first saw them, but after seeing them in person, I have to say they all look pretty good. I may even break my budget and get the black and red ones.

For more pictures, take a look here at another post by

Ha, I love it!!!