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On Flickr: Goin’ To the Chapel by m_stancel

This was one of the most popular clicks for Flickr a few days ago. I just thought I would high-light it since is those love to sneakers and shoes. The real special part is that this was for a wedding. Yes the groom was wearing the adidas shell.

Photo by m_stancel

On Flickr: adidas Chocolate by dailycandies

Dailycandies has designed this sneaker (for school I guess) and after a week of work this is what the conclusion is. It looks rather nice and I actually wish it was real. In fact, I thought it was until I saw what it said on the Flickr site.

Anyway take a close look at the sneaker design. For example he used the adidas symbol as the heart symbol for “I love chocolate” on the box. and the wrapping idea… so excellent! I think Dailycandies should hook up with one of those custom sneaker artists and make some really cool looking sneakers.

The only thing I wonder is if there will be any texture to the materials used. Other than that, this is a great look.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you don’t have a Flickr account, you need to get one. How can you join groups like Sneaker Pimps and Sneaker Collector? U Need Dis!!! lol

How Do You Create A Nike Rejuven8?

How Do You Go From The Picture Above To the Picture Below


High wrote an article about how Nike came about making this sneaker that just freakin looks like comfort (I’ll admit I never tried it on so I have no idea). I think the overall look is very cool and stylish. Its something i would walk around in at work to stay comfortable or maybe to just chill in when I am going somewhere just to relax.

I usually don’t like expensive slippers, but I can like those Mules (more…)