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Shape-Changing Shoe Design Grows as Your Feet Grow

Shape-Changing Shoe Design Grows as Your Feet Grow

(why not have a shoe tht shape changes??? lol)

I Have Such a backlog in sneaker and shoe posts that its crazy! While browsing the net in search of some cool kicks to post about, I find these bad boys on

What is it called,  you ask? Inchworm.


Air Jordan 1 Father Day


I have not seen them anywhere, but says that they are on and low and behold there they are along with a bunch of other AJ1’s. Not bad for $99.99.

I may get these. Man, I’m telling you, I already spent 400 dollars on Air Jordan 1’s and if I get these, that would make 600 dollars on ONES ALONE!!! And more Ones are  on the way. Good lawd! Not to mention all the other Jordans coming out. Then their is all those other sneakers coming out from Nike to Creative Recreation.

What a year 2008 will be.

Air Jordan 1 Armed Forces Pack just in time for Fleet Week and Memorial Day

Look what else Jordan has on sale today? The Air Jordan Armed Force Pack. Now this pack, much like the Opening Day Pack (here is another example),  can be bought separatly so you don’t have to shell out 200 dollars for both if you don’t want to.

I like them, but I do have to stay on budget and will be spending almost 2000 dollars on Jordans already so I don’t think I will get it. I’ll have to just pay through the nose when I get them later.

If you want them, they are on Eastbay. For more pictures, check out the Shoe Game.