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realMad Hectic The Pile on High Snob

I just love me some High Snobriety!!! realMad Hectic has created this plush looking sneaker that would probably not go with anything in your closet unless you are a celebrity or are very into summer clothes and light cotton wear. Even then, do you have something in a light blue? lol

Nevertheless, I still think this is a cool looking sneaker. High Snob says they are based off of an adidas model but to be honest, I can’t tell at all. Not that I have been in the shoe game for that long, but I’m just saying.

Anyway, if you don’t like the colorway above, there are others so go check that out. I like the yellow one myself.

Found This on Oy Girl: Chocolate Shoes for Real!!!

Chocolate High Heel Shoe

OMG!!! Real Chocolate shoes from Gayle’s Chocolate

Thank you OY Girl for this one. I do not think I would have found this without my fellow WordPress blogger. This confectionary MASTERPIECE actually looks like a womens high heel shoe. I now know what to get one of my friends lol I think she will love this one (especially after giving up a expensive pair of shoes).

Here is a description of the sweet candy:

And you thought Nordstrom’s was the place for the shoe-obsessed? Clearly this is a designer shoe that is a fit for anyone with a taste for gourmet chocolate. All shoes are handmade and no two are alike. Shoe measures seven inches long, 5-1/2 inches high and includes the poly purse.

Hawt! And they have other shoes too… makes me think is Pastry still makes pastries lol (by the way, I’ll admit, even though I am a guy, that Pastry shoes are hot)

On Sale: The Gucci Sneaker

The Guccii (lol) on Nieman Marcus

From Nieman Marcus

Price: 410.00

That’s it, I quit this sneaker game. Maybe Neiman Marcus made a boo-boo and forgot to name the sneaker on their site, but here is a nice Gucci shoe and I don’t have the name for it. Ok, ok, there has to be a name for it. It is just not on the site. Unless the name on the sneaker is actually called Gucci Sneaker. In that case, Gucci is being a little lazy (or ran out of names).

Anyway, I like this sneaker allot. I am not a HNW individual yet, so buying a 410 dollar sneaker seem a little much (I would buy a 350 dollar dress shoe… AND IT BETTER BE COMFORTABLE AND ITALIAN!!!), but if I had the money and 410 dollar is like 50 dollars to me, I may get it (but it better be comfortable).

So if you have $10,000 dollars laying around in your pocket, then get it. No it doesn’t cost that much, but why would you buy a 410 dollar sneaker and not have more money in your pocket? lol You will be grown AND sexy if you get it. You MAY empress the women who read my blog and they know you have taste (or lack it) and money to buy those expensive shoes.