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Gatorade x Lots of Sneakers = Perfect Commercial

(yes the ladies look great… but THE SNEAKERS, look at the sneakers)

(I think I have a problem lol)

Straight from

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything from The Niceguys, so it’s nice to know that they’ll be dropping new music in the upcoming future. In the meanwhile, enjoy this Gatorade-sponsored event known as the Tipping Point in Houston.

I swear, you got to be everywhere now-a-days to see all the stuff that is coming out when it comes to sneakers. Its like if it aint a new video, its a new feature, sneaker line, technology or something. something is on sale somewhere, and there is always some new sneaker or shoe that is coming out that no one is paying attention to until it comes out… hiw do you keep upp with all this stuff? lol

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10 Dopest Sneakers of All Time LMAO

(CLASSIC!!! lol watch the commercial… remember it)

(I think I had a pair of those for number 9)

(number 8, remeber that when posing for sneaker shots)

MC Hammer did a commercial??? The Patrick Ewing Collection????????? Avia Athletic shoes (I had a pair, pretty nice)??????????? Wiz Kids sneakers!!!! I am not making this up, you can see the commercial lol

True sneaker heads, if you have a collection, where are your Wiz Kids sneakers????

Fast and Furious x PUMA?


Saw an advertisment on KicksOnFire via Google Ads leading me to this account on YouTube. It makes me wonder if this is real or is there something that Puma isn’t telling us just yet. The account was made in late March of this year.


Ol’ Skool Wednesday: Mary J. Blige – Lady Foot Locker x Reebok Commercial

(old school commercial with Mary J Blidge styling)

HD Nike sneaker commercial featuring Jim Larer

(those sneakers at the end should look familiar… right?)

1980 Incredible Hulk Kid Power Commercial

(I totally remember this commercial!!!)

(if the Hulk throw a frisbee, woouldn’t it have killed the kid cathing it?)

Get Her Puma Sneakers Next Time

(what? a 2k watch thingy? where’s my PUMAS?)

WOW – Paula Abdul Did A Reebok Commercial Back In The Day?

(I still don’t believe it)

Oh No He Didn’t!!! Patrick Ewing Makes A Commercial

So what is Partick wearing on his feet? I couldn’t tell.

They look nice though… as first seen on Dime Magazine

Pony back In The Game

I don’t understand it at all. I guess Pony is back in the game… but what game are they back into? Casual sneakers or are they gonna get into sports? Are they already into sport and have sport sneakers? Too lazy to look so I’ll just say i don’t know. The video is interesting though. Hope no one was hurt in the filming of this video LOL