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OMG!!! Old Skoooool LA Gear Commercial

(man I thought I was watching Saved By Bell for a second there)

(damn, Footlocker and Macy*s was all on LA Gear’s jock back then weren’t they lol)

New Balance Commercial – Cotton Candy

(interesting… never saw it on tv but it looks good)

Maybe It’s My Fault – New Brand Jordan Commercial

I think the video says allot. I’ll admit, as corny as it sounds, I find myself a little (ok allot) inspired. When you are trying to get to a place in your life where you are doing what you want, how you want it and where you want it, sometimes you forget that on your way to success there WILL be many failures and non-goal reaching. Heck, those failures had BETTER be something you learned from otherwise it is a real failure rather than a set-back.

Yeah, you got to work hard, get up in the morning, exercise, read, write, study and so forth. Most importantly, you got to recover from those failures setbacks, learn from them and keep going toward your finish line.

It sure does look easy when you see some of those rich and famous people; those sports stars and rock stars, but the truly successful work real hard at it.

How many shots did Jordan miss? How many turnovers? Didn’t he want to play baseball really bad? How many business ventures did he go into? Does anybody here remember Micheal Jordan restaurant? Is that even around anymore (there is still one in Grand Central Station in NYC)?

First saw this video on The Shoe

Become Legendary!!!

PS: Being legendary doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody knows your name. You can be legendary to your friends, your family, and your community.