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In Fashion News: COOGI, What Are You doing?

Short post… I just wanna know who decided to let this design go. Its hard to have jeans that put actual pictures on them. its just hard to pull off. This right here is a just a mess for 91.00 dollars. But of course that is just my opinion.

For more pictures and a close up of that image, go to Dr. Jays. Its on sale for $91.00 is you are interested.

Just In Case You Didn’t Know: Everybody Mid “RAP” Available

If you haven’t been browsing the Fab Four sneaker sites (ok, I see I have to write a post on this) then you may not know about this. I first seen this on (but also shows up on other sneaker blogs). The Alife Everybody Mid (that I love very much) is now released. This is a colobo between Rockwell, Alife, and Patta and includes a t-shirt. You can get it now at

I sometimes wonder if I started a small clothing line like Alife (if you can call them small… they seem to be more mid-sized) if people would like what I would want to put out there. I’m trying to put something together that I think is cool… but that is the problem; I think its cool. What if no one else does? lol

Well, anyway I like this sneaker allot. And I am so trying to fit this in my sneaker budget. Don’t know if i can get this pair, but i am getting the Everybody Mid eventually, I just don’t know when lol

Vanessa and Angela Simmons PASRTY Keeps Doing Its Thing

Well, I am impressed. When Pastry first came out I said to myself, “Dude, another freakin sneaker company?” Yes, that is exactly what I said to myself. I could not even imagine them being close to successful. I wasn’t hating on them specifically, but I sure though the market is getting a little crowded. I mean, what’s next? Reverend Run sneakers? (ok, bad example) G-Unit sneakers Sean John sneakers Gucci sneakers Apple Bottom sneakers Timberland sneakers… ok, I think you get my point.

Anyway, Pastry actually is doing it really well. Their casual sneaker line really looks good. I especially like the Fab Cookie Boot (do not know why its called a boot when it obviously is a high top or mid sneaker) and I especially like the names for the different colorways. Double Chocolate Chip? lol Just saying it makes me wanna get this for my girl, whether she likes them or not.

I also like the Cake Runner shoe but do sort of wish it didn’t have “that air thing” at the back. Every shoe and its mother has “that air thing” for cushioning in the heel area. Some sneaker companies get away with it with the design. New Balance has this thing called Abzorb with clear plastic over the cushioning thing and it looks original. I don’t know. Maybe that’s what people want and sneaker companies just give it to them, but I just think they could be more original about it sometimes.

Did I mention they have those sneaker bags, handbags and now are getting into clothing too? (more…)