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Nat-2: Sneakers + Sandals = Snandals

These are some very interesting sneakers. Sandals are popular. Sandals are so popular that footwear makers from Nike to Timberland makes them. Since they are so popular and have been for a couple of years now, I think that makes this sneaker that can turn into a sandal is a good move.

I do wonder just how comfortable they will be because you have the sandal straps and then you have the sneaker “cover” over it with its own restraint system. But that is probably not that big of a deal.

(from Nat-2 Blog)

The site says you can get them at the Coilex Store right here (you might wanna get the site translated cause it looks like they are speaking Dutch or something there). I can’t find them at the online store but maybe something is missing in the translation. (They were right in front of me) Here are a couple of them on the site.

I think I may get me a pair, if the price is reasonable (its within the 80-130 range).

You wanna see more of Nat-2 exposer then take a look at these links found on their site:

Summer is almost over, so I don’t know how popular these will get, but next summer if they come out with some new flavors and maybe a couple of collaborations, I think they will be just fine.

As seen first on Sandra Rose via Nat-2 wordpress blog.


Never heard of Maybe Jeans LMAO that is a interesting name.

realMad Hectic The Pile on High Snob

I just love me some High Snobriety!!! realMad Hectic has created this plush looking sneaker that would probably not go with anything in your closet unless you are a celebrity or are very into summer clothes and light cotton wear. Even then, do you have something in a light blue? lol

Nevertheless, I still think this is a cool looking sneaker. High Snob says they are based off of an adidas model but to be honest, I can’t tell at all. Not that I have been in the shoe game for that long, but I’m just saying.

Anyway, if you don’t like the colorway above, there are others so go check that out. I like the yellow one myself.

On Sale: Stan Smith 1 De Lux on Eastbay

Stan Smith 1 De Lux

Stan Smith 1 De Lux on Eastbay

Price: 79.99

 I love it!!! I really do. I still have my first Stan Smiths (got them on super DUPER sale) from like 8 years ago and they still going strong!!! Now I have a chance (of which I might pass because my sneaker budget is ballooning to astronomical proportions)  to get a classic remix. I usually get white and green for the Stan Smiths, but I can deal with the brown/tan and white look of these.

Here is the description o the sneakers from Eastbay:

The adidas Stan Smith 1 DE Lux is a new version of the iconic Stan Smith that is presented in a luxurious leather with subtle colors. The ultimate head-turning point is the beautiful perforated upper and stylish sockliner and lining. A rubber outsole provides grippy traction.

Sockline h’uh? Head Turning too? I’M SOLD!!!

They also have another colorway of this (of which I do not like, but its still appealing). It on sale now at