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Welcome to the Re-Re-Restart of Sneakers and Shoes


Of course I’ve been having troubles restart the fun but thats ok cause I can just start it here. The webzine part of Sneakers and Shes may still be down but the blog is up and might as well start posting some currently available footwear, sneaker type news, fashion talk and opinions.

What up on deck for the webzine…

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Back to the Future: It’s Here

Ok so I’m falling into the hype. Let’s be honest; this sneaker don’t look that great does it? But it’s good enough to be wearable. When you add the history and culture behind it then these sneakers turn into extra ordinary kicks. 

They haven’t released. According to the sneaker webs the sneaker will be released in 2016. Of course Micheal J Foc got his pair today. And yes it laces by themselves WITH the sound effects. 

More posts coming soon in Novermber for Sneakers and Shoes. 

Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Photoshoot…  

Yes I know…. These sneakers came out a while ago. So what’s the point of having a photoshoot for a pair of sneakers that they hype is gone? Exactly! They hype is gone. This photoshoot (and others coming soon) is just about the love of the design and history of the sneaker. 

I like sneakers (in fact all footwear) mainly because it’s a mix of form and function; design, art and science. In other words these things have to work not just look good but if they don’t look good do they really work?

Grand Re-Opening

The Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux along with another sneaker gets the photoshoot treatment for the re-start next month. 

Sneakers and Shoes reopens in November 2015

After multiple restarts and stops the blog and magazine will restart officially by the end of the month. The most opinionated foot loving random post having innovative blog site is back.  


Not Sure What Brand Jordan Is Doing


I appreciate innovation. I love to see new ideas. But what exactly is this?

I think I’ve seen a very very good looking colorways in this sneaker but those good colorways are far in between. I can’t put my finger on it but something is off with the overall design. Maybe it’s weird for me to see those 11 soles on a one piece top.

I’ve seen exactly 2 people wearing this sneakers. Granted I don’t go by the highschools like I used to in my travels but to only see 2 people wearing them with all those colorway releases makes me think that other people don’t get it either.

I hope they keep pushing forward with the design. The Future 2 may be the joint… Or it’s a weird top sitting on Air Jordan 14 soles :-/

The Air Jordan 11… Legend Blue vs Columbia Blue


(I just don’t get it…)

Ok Brand Jordan…. I'm going to get straight to the point. Why change the name of the color? Is there something different about this sneaker (other than the fact that it's a retro)? I love these kicks. Always wanted a pair of 11's in this colorway. I missed out when I was younger. And one of the things I loved about it was its colorway name.

It sounds really anal… Like being mad that I'm paying $200 bucks for a sneaker and the box it comes in looks like someone stepped on it… But I don't get the name change. Is it about keeping the original "original"? Is there something different about the material? Is the color a little lighter or darker?

Give me something.

At this point I'm not sure if I'm getting the AJ11 Legend Blue due to me wanting to keep my money for the remastered 2015 joints… Well joint so far cause I only want one… Those AJ 7's Bouduax (yes I know it's not spelled that way… Cut me some slack).

Hopefully I get some answers to the legend blue question.

I want these: Nike Kobe 9 EXT

I’ve been out the game for a minute. I have no idea what EXT stands for. Clearly it’s not the performance version of the Kobe 9 but I can’t figure out what EXT stands for and it seems the Sneaker Blog Universe doesn’t want to say.

So which color do I like? I like the purple but the cobra looking is the one that I can see wearing everyday.


The Return of Sneakers And Shoes

Its been a long time. In fact a few years. I had many a plan to get back into blogging but they all fell away due to life and admittedly lack of interest.

Welp, my interest is back. Its just about to be a forest fire but I wouldn’t go that far.

there are many blogs out there on footwear and quite frankly I get most of my fill from going to those sites. with sites like SneakerNews and Nicekicks as well as others, and a few more fashion focused sites, its like why start blogging again?

I think for me its just that i Like the design of footwear. I’m not a sneaker historian. I barely know sneaker knowledge like other site owners although I have to admit once I start posting again, I probably will learn it from writing and researching articles.

What I do have is imagination, ideas, and a love of design that also has to function. Sneakers have to work as footwear. I like seeing how many different ways you can do the same thing… and then voicing my opinion on it.

This, voicing my opinion, is probably what really sets my blog apart from others. I really go in. I will admit I’m a total coach quarterback but that don’t stop me from saying I like or don’t like something.

Showcasing new ideas, new companies, art work, options, taking a look at high fashion footwear and womens shoes? This is what makes my blog unique. Starting this Monday I start posting again… slowly. Probably 1 post in 3 days.

But once I get into it again… expect 4-6 posts a day and the main website/magazine being updated once a week.

A labor of love… should be fun.

On Sale: adidas Rose 4.0


[gonna get these and play ball in them]

Nothing to say (until I get them and do a test run). I like the way they look. Some of my friends think it’s hideous but I like them. There is just something about how the design works makes me think they will look great on my feet.

Not a fan of the duo-tone though… most of the colorways are duotone. Probably why it’s either these or the all black ones that will be the most popular (until they come up with more colorways)

On sale now at




Ummmm… Wow That’s High: Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse


[they actually look nice… but they still funny looking]

Got nothing to say about these. They for the pro athlete. No hype beasts here standing on line for them and re-asking them for $400 bucks.

On sale now on Eastbay