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On Sale: Nike Air Max 95 DYN FW – Men’s – on Eastbay


[green rainbow for sale]

Ok so it’s time for me to get posting again. It’s my mission in life to tell people who I don’t know that a pair of kicks are on sale. Usually they are a pair I like and I think should get attention.

Then there are other times… This is those other times.

Don’t like the way these look at all BUT they are still Air Max’s (the most comfortable sneaker ever) and they are $60 bucks off.

So that turns these “green rainbow” looking kicks into good looking kicks.

You getting them?

On sale now on



Super Sale (hurry): adidas ORIGINALS By ORIGINALS – Jeremy Scott Winged High Top @Luisaviaroma

(you know you want wings so stop playing)

Here is one place (I am sure there are more, I am just too lazy to look right now) where if you want these, you can get them. WARNING THERE IS ONLY a couple left at Luisaviaroma RIGHT HERE if you want them.

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What did cost $350 bucks now cost a little over$150 bucks. These are not as outrageous as other “wings” that you may have seen on my blog or in other places.

On Sale: Reebok Women’s Freestyle Hi

(and just when I thought the Freestyle’s were replaced with the EastyTone)

I must have caught on to this late because I think I read about this relase on Nicekicks or something. Anyway, I know PLENTY of ladies who wore the Freestyle. If I remember correctly, the Freestyle helped put Reebok on the map against Nike back in the day.  I wonder if they are doing the same thing with the EastTone? (same thing for sketchers and its Shape-Ups)

Either way, Reebok and Finishline still has plenty of colorways of the Freestyle. And the colorways sound like flavors… Pastry anyone… so be sure to get your favorite “flavor” of sneaker for your feet.

The Freestyle is currently on sale in a big way on Finishline for less than $30 bucks. Its a win-win situation so lets go people. Click HERE for more info.

On Sale: Baby Phat Women’s Icon Babe Hi on Finishline

(a very interesting look for the ladies)

I saw one woman wearing them and she was working them.  I am sure there are ladies out there that can work this. Those who think (or know) they can are in luck because these are on sale for $20.00

That’s a big sale. Limited sizes are available HERE on

On Sale: Nike Women’s Aerofit High Limited Edition

(looks promising)

Aerofit High… and it comes in 4 flavors… that gold colored one is pretty nice too. On sale for 49.99 (lmost 50% off) at right HERE.

If you think its for you, then go get them. Sizes are limited so hurry.

Super Sale: Guess What’s On Sale? Air Force 1 Mid “barkley pack”

air force 1 mid barkley pack

(I remember a time when I wanted this sneaker SOOO bad)

If i am not mistaken, when this sneaker originally came out it cost somewher north of 150 bucks. One thing is for sure, it didn’t cost $65 dollars. Keep in mind that I never shopped at Lacelocked before but from what I hear from other sneaker blogs, its an ok place to buy stuff  from and they are not fakes.

Again, I never bought anything from them as of yet, but if you want to give them a try, then take a shot. I wouldn’t mention LaceLocked if they didn’t show up on other accredited sneaker  blogs.

I will say thing about buying sneakers (or shoes) online from places that you may not have heard of before you because a sneaker (or shoe) collector, when I shop at these places to test them out, I use a special card just for those places. if everything is on the up and up, them maybe I will use my regular card 9or my main PayPal account).

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Super Sale: Nike Men’s Comfort Slide Sandal on Finishline

Nike Men's Comfort Slide Sandal

(just the red striped ones, not the all black)

Most sizes still avaiable for $19.99 at Finishline

On Sale: Luichiny Women’s ‘Maven’ High-heel Sandals at Overstock

Luichiny Women's 'Maven' High-heel Sandals(they look like they hurt… so you know they will look HAWT)

(and yes, they have a video for the shoe too on Overstock)

Ladies, ladies, ladies…. please, I am just trying to help lol Allot of my picks are just on a design and sex-iness point of view from what a guy would like to see who just happens to be into footwear. if you  don’t know, sneakerheads tend to be leaders (now where did I read that???) and if that’s what you want, you got to get your shoe game up. I think this may help just a little.

No sure if this is a collectable though… so I will leave that alone

Only sizes 7-10 left. its on Overstock so you know its a super sale. Current price $39.99


  • Sexy sandals are a warm weather must-have
  • Women’s shoes are available in bronze and silver color options
  • Peep toe sandals have a 4-inch heel
  • Heel cup has a zipper for easy entry
  • Vamp composed of 11 straps

Remember ladies, it also helps if you can cook too… (awe man, I know I am gonna get in trouble for that one)

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On Sale: Fergie Women’s ‘Zaila’ Wedge Sandals at OverStock

Fergie Women's 'Zaila' Wedge Sandals(nice style for the ladies who wants something casual and stylish)

Overstock has got to be a place you should go when you want something that is sold out in other places. If you are a shoe collector, then going there would probably be a good idea. if you collect sneakers it is also a good idea as some interesting finds can be seen there.

They currently have sizes 5 to 10. As usual on Overstock its a super Sale. It was $99.99, but is  now $52.99

Details from OverStock:

  • Women’s high-heeled sandals feature a woven, strappy design
  • Fergie ‘Zaila’ sandals have colorful covered heels and platforms
  • Women’s shoes are great for casual wear
  • Adjustable buckle at ankle strap
  • 1.5-inch platform
  • Heel measures 5 inches high
  • Available in tan or yellow (camel) color option

Nice look to try to drive the boys crazy…right?

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Super Sale: Steve Madden Women’s ‘Tamiah’ Pumps on Overstock

Steve Madden Women's 'Tamiah' Pumps

(an interesting look for almost HALF OFF)

Currently on Overstock for $64.99 (was 116.99). Sizes 6.5 to 10 are left currently as I write this. if you like Steve Madden ladies, then give this a look (oh and ladies, sorry I have been ignoring your shoes so much as of late… but I have learned my lesson… expect more womens shoe and sneaker news as well as stuff on sale across the net).

Details from

  • Sleek and sexy shoes from Steve Madden are perfect for your little black dress
  • Pumps feature matte uppers with unique patent leather criss-cross straps on vamp
  • Women’s shoes available in a black color option
  • Platform style sole
  • Patent leather upper portion of heel
  • Slip-on design with elastic inset for a custom fit
  • Sky high heel measures 5 inches high

I think a guy would notice you in these. Get your shoe game up ladies 9and don’t forget, a women who knows her sneaker game will also get MAD respect from the gentlemen)

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