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Ummmm… Wow That’s High: Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse


[they actually look nice… but they still funny looking]

Got nothing to say about these. They for the pro athlete. No hype beasts here standing on line for them and re-asking them for $400 bucks.

On sale now on Eastbay




Air Max 2010…. I really want these on my feet

(not sure bout those yellow laces though)

I am not a fan of yellow, but the sneaker has enough black to make the yellow not so beamingly yellow. Its a slick sneaker as far as I see it. Not sure why many in the sneakernets don’t like it as far as looks are concerned (and yet are floored by the look of the 2011… of which I am not sure about).

Make no mistake, no matter how bad or good the sneaker looks, this sneaker is AWESOMELY comfortable. Running in them is pretty cool too (but not the best for me though unless I am running on grass or track surface) and walking in them is totally freakin awesome.

Sooooooooo… the Air max 2010 is a must get. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life.

I believe the Air Max 2010 is a Finishline exclusive (I think) but you can also get them at RIGHT HERE

(yeah i know i wrote on the air max 2010 before… expect me to do it again lol)

Football Time… I mean soccer time… Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite FG

(can’t walk around in the streets with these)

This is a pretty slick look , especially the hazard pattern on the side. And for $300 USD you get a description of this sneaker unlike any other sneaker.

This is just part of the details:

The Nike CTR360 Maestri football boot was specifically designed for the player looking to master control on the pitch. The upper portion of the cleat has been refined at key contact points for receiving and distributing the ball, while Kanga-Lite synthetic leather provides a feel similar to kangaroo leathe. Groundbreaking lateral forefoot dampening pods help with control and a unique asymmetrical lacing design crates an expanded ball control surface. Aided by a carbon fiber sole unit, this retooled Elite Series version provides the same exceptional control at each touch, while stripping away 19% of its original weight.


  • Revolutionary Kanga-Lite synthetic leather provides remarkable comfort, fit and performance, whatever the conditions
  • Injected pass pad on the medial side to help with ball distribution
  • Asymmetric, anatomically engineered lacing system increases ball control surface
  • Advanced shape-correcting memory foam that adapts to the demands of each player
  • Anatomically contoured sockliner with special inserts for fit and comfort
  • Technically advanced shape-correcting memory foam and injected instep pass pad for ruthless distribution
  • Full-length thermoplastic composite carbon reinforced chassis engineered for incredible energy return and strength

Yes so that’s allot of info and it really keeps going. You can’t have enough info if your paying that amount of money for a pair of kicks that HAS to perform. We are talking about football (soccer) here.

You want to know more, then check it OUT HERE at

Reebok Zig Tech is taking over football apparently

(wow… I know you see it with those colors)

Reebok is really pushing this out.You getting videos on the net, people running around on the stage with lab coats on…  I mean it really getting crazy. Now you can customize them to your liking on the Reebok website for an extra 25 bucks.

First seen on Sole Magazine HERE

Who thinks these will get retro’ed 10 years from now?

The Nike Total90 Laser III Soccer Cleat

(the best 200 dollars you will ever spend…)

(wait… how much?)

For $200 bucks, you sure do get a whole bunch of features. And when I say a whole bunch of features, i mean a whole bunch:

  • Kanga-Lite synthetic-leather upper for superior fit, performance and comfort in all conditions
  • Adaptive Shotshield technology for instep and swerve-kicking accuracy
  • Asymmetric, anatomically engineered lacing system for expanded ball-control surface
  • Reconfigured eyestay for a cleaner ball-striking surface and easier fit and adjustment
  • Asymmetric tongue design following the natural lines of the foot to avoid unnatural restriction of movement
  • Reinforced external heel counter on the lateral side for maximum comfort and stability
  • Distinctive electric green, red and black color combination for added visibility on the pitch
  • Firm-ground (FG) cleats for use on short-grass fields that may be slightly wet, but rarely muddy


This sneaker is obviously for the serious soccer (football)  fanatic who wants the best offered and is willing to pay for it. I have to admit that I have no idea if this thing works as advertised (nor am I that into soccer aka Football), but this thing has a visual style and taste that would make this a collectible for anyone who collects footwear (to put in the closet or to wear + put in the closet).

Yup, just another post on sports kicks… you aint wearing these on the streets, even though I am sure someone may really want to. Currently at right HERE.

Nike Snowboarding x Arbito – Zoom Force 1 Boot… because Pharrell likes to snowboard

(not even on the slopes would I wear these… but they do look nice) posted this a few weeks ago and I have to say they are pretty good looking BUT there would be no way on Earth that I would wear them. Its just not my style but apparently it fits Pharrell quite nicely because he managed to work it out.

I am sure even on the slopes, these would look rather tame. I had some loud snow gear in my time and it looked pretty nice in the snow background so I don’t think these look that crazy… in the snow.

But I still wouldn’t wear them lol WAY too much going on. I would, if I could, add them to my collection and totally admire the artwork on them. Once I have totally appreicated them art wise, I would eventually give it away to charity (or auction it off to charity) because shoes are meant to be worn sooner or later, right?

No release info. ARBITO website is HERE.

Original story about kicks HERE on

Sooooooo… TW Air Zoom 2009 Men’s Golf Shoe anyone?

(it’s a pretty detailed shoe…)

This is a really nice looking shoe. Golfers out there in the world, what do you think? What does TW  mean you ask? Golf… TW… drama… divorce…  Yes Tiger Woods. This is Tiger Woods Signature golf shoe. Funny though… maybe this is why Nike didn’t give him up like the other companies did because his name isn’t directly on the sneaker or other main products.

Hmmmm… well anyway for a 200+ dolla shoe (you though Jordans was expensive?) it seems to sell because there are not many sizes left BUT the price has been cut down to  a simple $229.99. That’s better than 270…


  • Premium full-grain leather upper for a soft, supportive fit
  • Full-length Poron sockliner for instant comfort over the life of the shoe
  • Lateral stabilizer for the ultimate in balance and smooth weight transfer
  • Low profile heel Zoom unit for responsive cushioning with stability
  • Nike Power Platform TW outsole for the optimal combination of power and flexibility
  • Scorpion Stinger Spikes with Q-LOK system for a firm grip
  • Watershield Plus technology keeps water out while the foot stays dry
  • Two-year limited waterproof warranty

From Nike

The reviews (all 4 of them) are pretty posituve. So if you are thinking about golfing, maybe give these a chance. Get them now at NikeStore HERE.

Looks like NikeStore website got a little update…

(looking better NikeStore)

I won’t go into a big ole rant about it (maybe later… and will probably feature it on the main site too lol… FYI – usually keep the rants to the blog and as well as  my KicksOnFire blog where i may get a little more… direct shall we say) but I have to say the little touch up on the site just may make it worth going to the site to shop.

I hardly ever shop on the NikeStore and mainly it is because the site is TOTALLY flash based and it just gets annoying after a while. Maybe, one day, they will use flash far less but for now I have to say that the small update in the user interface is very noteworthy.

Check it out for yourself by clicking HERE


The name of the shoe in the  pic is the Nike Bandon Men’s Golf Shoe… in case you were wondering.

Nike Air Flight Huarache…. an ugly sandal or a history making basketball sneaker?

flight huarache whiteblue

(which side are YOU on????) has some pairs if you wish to purchase. Never shopped there before but  I here its ok. Buyer beware!

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Fresh of the Presses From Eastbay… from way back in August…

Nike Air Max 2009+ in new colorway

(a Nike lookbook inside of the Eastbay catalog)

whoops!!! Meant to post this a while back. but I figure someone out there may want to know this…

Looks like a new colorway for the Air Max 2009+ is coming and it looks like it will be one of the hotter ones too. I love my current Air Max 2009+ and even though I have not run in them as much as I was supposed to, I have to say that they are very comfortable. Probably the most comfortable sneaker my feet have ever been in (it even passes the Reebok DMX 10 of which was the most comfortable sneaker I ever wore… I think those were the only Reeboks that I bought 2 different colorways of) and I look forward to getting another pair .

But which colorway?

There are other sneakers from Nike in the look book including the Lunalite (of which I just HAVE to try) and those free foot sneaker sole designs.