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Looks like Puma got something for us this summer… Jovi Rockwell’s PUMA photoshoot and video shoot

(its gotta be the shoes)

Man, I swear Nike better watch it’s back cause not only is Reebok trying to make a comeback (and using fitness for the ladies to do it… yes they did that bfore, remeber the Freestyle?), but Puma is trying to get back in the game of being the sneaker you will see just as often as you see Nike.

But can they do it?

They are teaming up with Jovi Rockwell for their summer blitz. Personally i have never heard of Jovi until now, but she has been out for a hot minute and best of all she sounds good too. Justr watch the video:

More pictures and junk on The HERE (shout out to the 305!!! they won’t admit it but they got mad sneaker love, just look at the pictures they have on the site lol)

Puma Bode on a hardwood floor

(its got stars)

Diggin’ In Those Sneaker Crates: The Puma Winner Pack

The Puma Winners pack

(for those winner months of yesteryear)

Did you get these back when they came out? Well, did you? Aren’t you a winner? lol Just digging in those sneaker crates… March 2009 on

On Sale: Puma Drift Cat II SF Casual Shoe

(well now isn’t this an interesting look)

Pua seems to be always making a sneaker with ties to Ferrari. So if you can imagine yourself coming out of a Ferrari you may see yourself in a pair of these (if anything, it has the same prancing horse on it).

I have to admit that these caught my eye as I was browsing the internet for sneakers and shoes. they are nice and clean, original euro style (remember when that was REALLY popular in NYC back in 2006-07?), and it has a nice pattern that doesn’t totally overtke the sneaker.

I think I am in love.

Details (courtesy of Finishline):

This high-octane, Formula One-inspired shoe will get your blood pumping. The Puma Drift Cat II SF features a leather and synthetic upper with repeat print detail and Ferrari branding. A cushy midsole gives you comfort and support, while an oil-resistant outsole to keep you on track.

Get a pair if you wish AT FINISHLINE.COM by clicking here. These type of sneakers stlye tends to be one size smaller than what it says (especially size 12) so either try it on in a store or know your size.

On Sale: Puma Men’s Hooper Mid at Finishline

Puma Men's Hooper Mid

(a smooth sneaker for a smooth gu… if you know how to rock them)

Currently on sle at Finishline for $44.98 size 8 – 14 left as of today

In Case You Missed It: Usain Bolt 9:58

(amazing… don’t tell me your not gonna watch the finals)

(not going for the Bolt Arms though lol)

Yes take a look at this. Its one of the most popular things read on Sneaker and Shoes for the past week.

On Sale: PUMA Cell Voltra at FootAction

PUMA Cell Voltra

(this looks VERY interesting)

I plan on stopping by FootAction sometime in the next week (hopefully to pick up those Half Cent Penny’s) and I hope to see these in the store so I can get a look at them. I can’t imagine that the whole yellow area being cushion but then again with technology going as far as it is, why not? Can’t wait to get a closer look at this.

So who is willing to put there feet in these for $99.99?

See more pics of these at

Notice The Bike… Notice The Shoe

Aprilia RSV 1000 Factory Transformers

(serious riders wear Pumas lol)

(I guess he opted out of the AJV’s Motorsports)

You know what? I want a bike. I have settled on the fact that I want one. It will be the 6th vehicle that I want  (what I want is pretty plain for the most part – Nissan Quest, Buick Enclave, Chevy Camaro, Lexus GS450 Hybrid and the Cadillac CTS Wagon… 7th car may be the previous version Cadillac truck with the workbed TOTALLY hooked up and painted but that )

What will I get to ride with my bike? A pair of Pumas of course (for some reason, I just don’t see me riding hard and heavy with a pair of Air Jordan V’s that match my bike)

Super Sale: Puma Men’s Basket Bode on Finishline

Puma Men's Basket Bode

(guess what is on sale???)

For the special price that is under 30 Dollars, you can get your hands on a very comfortable pair of sneakers. I have a pair (bought the wrong size though cause I forgot Puma’s run a size small) and even though they are tight, they are still comfortable.

Nevertheless, I think I will get a new pair of 13’s. Sure glad I decided I need to start surfing the next for what’s out there cause I would have missed this one… and those Puma’s really look good.

So if you missed out, here is your chance to get them. Here is some history as told by the description on finishline and the article post on Nicekicks:


This casual Puma features the cartoon creation of late artist Vaughn Bodé. Comes laced with three colors of shoelaces with the star pattern of the Cheech Wizard’s hat. The interior of the shoe features the star print and Cheech Wizard sits on the tongue replacing the Puma cat logo.

The star pattern is still prevalent on the exterior of the Bode Baskets, but depicted through glossy paint the same color of the upper. Complimenting the glossy finish, the Puma stripe on the side of the shoes is made of patent leather. Each pair comes laced with three colors of shoelaces that have the star pattern carried to the lace tips. The interior of the shoe features the signatory print and Cheech Wizard sits on the tongue replacing the Puma cat logo.

What you waiting for???

On Sale Puma Jago III at Finishline

Puma Women's Jago III

(hottest womens sneaker out???)

(price??? who cares about price, just look at this thing! you want it)

I gotta tell ya I am in love with this sneaker look. Yeah, I know its for the ladies, but it is a really nice look. Seeing these in person in the mall was a real sight. My lady friend loves it, but she says its too young looking and doesn’t want the young boys to think she is their age (which happens allot for her lol) But whatever, I still think she should have gotten them.

For those of us who actually work out in their sneakers, I hear that these are pretty comfortable…. not VERY comfortable, but pterry comfortable. Either way, you will at least look pretty while your doing whatever your doing.

By thw way Puma (as well as Reebok and other brands) are stepping up their game when it comes to the ladies i have been noticing over the past few months. Hot colors at relativly low prices (most of the time).

You can still get these Puma’s at