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Welcome to the Re-Re-Restart of Sneakers and Shoes


Of course I’ve been having troubles restart the fun but thats ok cause I can just start it here. The webzine part of Sneakers and Shes may still be down but the blog is up and might as well start posting some currently available footwear, sneaker type news, fashion talk and opinions.

What up on deck for the webzine…


The Return of Sneakers And Shoes

Its been a long time. In fact a few years. I had many a plan to get back into blogging but they all fell away due to life and admittedly lack of interest.

Welp, my interest is back. Its just about to be a forest fire but I wouldn’t go that far.

there are many blogs out there on footwear and quite frankly I get most of my fill from going to those sites. with sites like SneakerNews and Nicekicks as well as others, and a few more fashion focused sites, its like why start blogging again?

I think for me its just that i Like the design of footwear. I’m not a sneaker historian. I barely know sneaker knowledge like other site owners although I have to admit once I start posting again, I probably will learn it from writing and researching articles.

What I do have is imagination, ideas, and a love of design that also has to function. Sneakers have to work as footwear. I like seeing how many different ways you can do the same thing… and then voicing my opinion on it.

This, voicing my opinion, is probably what really sets my blog apart from others. I really go in. I will admit I’m a total coach quarterback but that don’t stop me from saying I like or don’t like something.

Showcasing new ideas, new companies, art work, options, taking a look at high fashion footwear and womens shoes? This is what makes my blog unique. Starting this Monday I start posting again… slowly. Probably 1 post in 3 days.

But once I get into it again… expect 4-6 posts a day and the main website/magazine being updated once a week.

A labor of love… should be fun.