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On Sale: Burberry Check Embossed Bark Leather Ankle Boot

(umm hmmm… bet most guys wouldn’t recognize these)

Sure its from last season but fly stuff never goes out of style. It is mostly one color using different tones and materials to make the shoe pop but don’t let that stop you ladies from picking them up.

Not allot of details on the shoe other than the usual suspects… heel height (3.5″), where its made (Italy), and the shoe’s weight… I know better than to talk about weight.

If you interested in these, you can get them RIGHT HERE at for $517 USD

beGrown… beSexy MEN: CLOSED – Quilted Calf Suede Sneakers @ LUISAVIAROMA

(for gentlemen only)

Guys get your grown wieght up! You can’t only have sneakers in your closet. there has got to be some freakin shoes up in there, right? What? You don’t have a pair or your last pair only works with a suit? Not to worry, you now can get these and feel good knowing that the brand name you are buying probably has no reconition BUT is still a solid looking casual sneaker (that looks like a shoe)

$342 dollars is the price and you can get them HERE.

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Cole Haan Air Sandra Bootie

(and the price has been cut!!!)

You can get  these for $165.95 and that is not a bad price considering that these are the only high heels I know of that use technology that sneakers usually use for comfort. These things actually have a Nike Air unit in them for comfort! Think about that ladies when your walking around town in pain in the other heels you purchase just to look hot.

Here are some details:

  • Crafted in dark chocolate suede
  • Coveted comfort in NIKE AIR Technology with maximum support
  • Side zip for easy fit
  • Fully leather lined
  • Fully padded leather sock lining
  • Stained leather sole
  • 4″ stacked leather heel
  • You can purchase them at the Cole Haan website HERE. From what I hear from the ladies, its worth the purchase. They used to be $248, but now they are almost half off.

    On Sale: Alegra Air Sandal at Cole Haan

    (and speaking of having Nike Air in a high heel shoe…)

    I have known about Cole Haan since last year around May of 2009. even since then I have been following them and asking the ladies on Twitter and elsewhere on the inter-shoe-nets about it and its always been positive. Comfort in a pair of kicks that are for formal events, work  and so forth just are hard to come by. Luckily some companies are realizing that adults who work also want footwear that is comfortable.

    So now we have air technology in heels.

    Make no mistake, if you see these somewhere you should at least give them a shot and try them on. Walk in them for a bit and see if you like. If you already know you like them, you can buy them on the Cole Haan website (or Zappos) right HERE.

    On Sale: PUMA – Sergio Rossi now at LUISAVIAROMA

    (yeah I know it came out a while ago lol)

    You want a sneaker that is also a shoe? A high heel shoe that doesn’t look like a reject from the Air Jordan  design team like THIS? Well, at least Puma is addressing your desires (and Cole Haan is too… I hear they are some very comfortable high heel shoes).

    For a simple price of $756 dollars PAUSE… you can get your hands (feet) on these. Make no mistake, you will look good AND you will probably be the only person wearing them because the price of admission is rather high.

    On sale right now at Luis Aviaroma (click HERE)

    Timberland Moutian Athletics… watch out for the bear chasing you

    (just wondering if anybody would cop these)

    Was gonna post this a looooooong time ago but just plain forgot. Have to admit that SOME of the sneakers… or should I say trail shoes… look pretty nice. Lets face it, if you are running the train you are not thinking about “ohhh my new kicks just got mud and they got sliced by some rocks and a tree branch”

    In case you are into this kinda stuff, or just want something more essential than visual, take a look at the timberland site (that many celebs seem to like and is a staple for rappers, even the ones who are off that lol)

    Click HERE for the crazy site they made to introduce the sneakers/shoes. You may want to turn down your sound, because i didn’t and was rudely surprised by “don’t give up” and bear growls (the site is also is interactive and if you don’t move your mouse…. WATCH OUT lol

    And YES they HAVE AN APP for that… why I don’t know.

    beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Nicholas Kirkwood Suede Peep Toe Shoe Boot

    (its a nice look ladies)

    Currently on sale at Browns.  You can get there by clicking HERE. Prices are in Euros so don’t get mad when the exchange rate doesn’t work in your favor.

    On Sale: Cole Haan Air Caprice Strap at Zappos

    Cole Haan Air Caprice Strap

    (a high heel that is ACTUALLY comfortable?)

    Cole Haan Air Caprice Strap - sole

    (all yours for$ 201USD)

    I have been wondering for a while since I decided to cover sneakers and shoes culture and products, why don’t high heels have technology like adidas or Nike when it comes to cushioned support?

    Why do the ladies have to buy something from Doctor Scholls or Rite-Aid brand cushions or whatever else is out there to protect your feet? Why not have air or some special zoom tech to cushion the female foot in these 6 inch monsters?

    Looking at many of the more expensive shoes for women, they almost never talk about comfort or any technology that makes them a little bit more comfortable.

    Then Cole Haan steps into the high heel debate and gives the ladies something more comfortable.

    Here are the details from Zappos:

    • Get stand-out style from these amazing wedges.
    • Patent leather, metallic leather or combination snake-embossed leather and canvas upper.
    • Leather lining.
    • Padded footbed.
    • NIKE AIR Technology in the heel and forefoot for added comfort.
    • 3/4″ platform with stitch detailing.
    • Textured rubber sole.

    I have heard from a couple of people on Twitter that these are pretty comfortable. The reviews on Zappos are not very telling but for the 4 who did review it, out of 5 stars they get 4.

    Sizes 5 – 11 in womens are still available and will drain your wallet at around 201 USD.

    If you bought these and like them (or don’t like them) please comment.

    adidas SLVR Collection is pretty interesting

    adidas SLVR Collection for women

    (do you think you can work this look?)

    This is an interesting looking sneaker/shoe/high heel for the ladies. Its sort of a big mix of all 3 and I am not sure if it does it well (probably need to see it in person), but it sure is a looker and you WILL get attention to your feet wearing them; no question. I think the lady wearing these will do well to get something to match for sure. This is one high heeled sneaker that DEMANDS you to dress for them and not the otherway around.

    Here is a quote from Sneaker Freaker about this sneaker and the collection:

    Launched early this year with a tagline boast of being ‘Simply Perfect’, this new range from adidas is a cocky start to a whole new ballgame. Whilst SLVR appears to be a high fashion concept, adidas PR describes it as ‘affordable, attainable and ultimately wearable’ which, given prices for the footwear are all under €130, seems fair enough. Perhaps the most interesting SLVR footwear innovation is what the shoes don’t have. Like the deadpan Stan Smiths of yesteryear, the range has no adidas branding, no trefoil and zero stripes. The only indication of a maker’s mark are three horizontal bars. There’s also tote bags, socks and a line of classically basic clothing that
    has a slight sport tinge to it, and even SLVR flip flops.

    Tote bags, flip flops, low cost aka affordable (well lower cost than high end 200+ dollar sneakers) and only those in the know will actually know your footwear is from adidas.


    On Sale: Luichiny Women’s ‘Maven’ High-heel Sandals at Overstock

    Luichiny Women's 'Maven' High-heel Sandals(they look like they hurt… so you know they will look HAWT)

    (and yes, they have a video for the shoe too on Overstock)

    Ladies, ladies, ladies…. please, I am just trying to help lol Allot of my picks are just on a design and sex-iness point of view from what a guy would like to see who just happens to be into footwear. if you  don’t know, sneakerheads tend to be leaders (now where did I read that???) and if that’s what you want, you got to get your shoe game up. I think this may help just a little.

    No sure if this is a collectable though… so I will leave that alone

    Only sizes 7-10 left. its on Overstock so you know its a super sale. Current price $39.99


    • Sexy sandals are a warm weather must-have
    • Women’s shoes are available in bronze and silver color options
    • Peep toe sandals have a 4-inch heel
    • Heel cup has a zipper for easy entry
    • Vamp composed of 11 straps

    Remember ladies, it also helps if you can cook too… (awe man, I know I am gonna get in trouble for that one)

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