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Nike Air Foamposite One “Doernbecher”


[these look awesome]

That’s all I got. These look really good. Too bad they are to a general release.

Diggin’ in the Sneaker Crates: Converse X Size? Poorman Weapon HI

(on a stack of Sneaker
Freaker magazines I’m getting these)

See now this is hot
folks! For whatever reason I need the Converse Poorman to be a
collabo, otherwise I just don’t like them by themselves. And this
collaboration is exciting for me to look at. This is definatly
going in my picture blog of style… Oh I guess you don’t know
about that Sneaker/Shoes project yet… It’s ok you will


MASTER Chief Custom Dunks by Daniel Reese

masterchief - Custom Dunks by Daniel Reese(wow)

This has to be one of the coolest freaking customs I have seen in a while. Once again Daniel Reese has done it again with a pair of kicks that you can purchase as customs. This basically makes your pair special beyond belief. You can get these for 180 euros (don’t have any idea how much that is in dollars… but I am going to guess that it is over $200)

Check out Daniel Reese’s blog for more customs and so forth HERE

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Wow… $460 Bucks For The Air Jordan 11 SPACE JAM

Air Jordan 11 Space Jams Available Early at SupremexClientele

(that’s a whole lot of dough… talk about braking bread)

And I quote from

The shoes will be $175 when they release later this year, but if you want to get them early, eBay seller SUPREMExCLIENTELE is offering them with Buy It Now’s for $460…about $300 more than the sticker price.

Is $460 too much to, not only get yours first, but to ensure you get them at all? There were some complaints about the price and it being so far above the original $175 (which is also higher than the original cost of the AJ11’s) but I would conclude that this is one special sneaker release and people want the early beat on these sneakers.

And school is starting soon too

And in NYC you have the Labor Day parade and all the parties the few days before the parade. That’s a whole lot of showing off your swagger (gawd I hate that word).

I wish/hope that Brand Jordan makes sure that there are enough AJ11’s to buy even though it is a limited release. I had no problem getting the “quickstrike” and “limited” of a few Jordans (which made me wonder if quickstrike and limited means the same thing anymore), but I just hope that when they say limited for the AJ11, what it really means is “hurry up and get to the store but you don’t have to stand online”.

More info and shots of the AJ11 on

What If? Sample Concept of Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low – Yellow Lobster

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low - Yellow Lobster Sample

(AWESOME… ok I really have to stop saying that…)

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk Low - Yellow Lobster

(could this possibly be the next Concept Lobster catch?)

Relax everybody. Don’t start planning on how you are going to stand on line for a pair of yellow sneakers (lol at the color choice but its still a hot sneaker). This is strictly a sample that was given to friends and family of Nike SB (according to Sneaker and there are only so many pairs of it made.

34 pairs to be precise.


Apparently, The Half Cent Penny Hybrid Has Released In Some (1) Store(s)

Dark Knight Black on Black HALF CENT PENNY

(FootAction did a surprise release????)

Can they give a brother a break? I mean seariously, I have been wanting these kicks for a minute now, waiting for ANY news that has to do with there release and then BAM like a brick wall in the face at 50 miles an hour I see a Tweet from @Nicekicks about someone buying a pair at a FootAction in NYC… MY HOMETOWN!!!

Can’t get over there… don’t have the money set aside for them even if I could… and they will be probably gone by the time I do get there… well, lets hope that other stores release this sometime next week so that maybe I can get one too.


Now wit video from someone who went to go and get it:

I am still in shock. I am also quite mad as well, but i have to admit that this could actually be a way for people who really want to buy the sneaker to wear or keep can actually get them and avoid those people who buy them just to sell them for cash.

Hmmmm… I wonder if this will set the sneaker-nets on fire this week as the word gets passed around.

Lawd Have Mercy… Any News On The Air Jordan 14.5?

From sneakerfiles and kenlu - Air Jordan 14.5 Renders(why lawd, just tell me why no news on this yet?)

No news that I am aware of on  these proposed sneaker hybrid between the AJ14 and the AJ15. I hope they are still planning on releasing these in the future. There were no mock up or samples of this sneaker so all I have to go on is the drawing done by Kenlu

Pic via Sneakerfiles

Now These I Want: Nike Air Yeezy in Black-Black and Pink Interior

Nike Air Yeezy in Black with Grey and Pink

(these sneakers are just amazing to look at… why are they limited???)

(a little crouded and bulky but still amazing)

When the whole idea of this sneaker came out, I was thinking to myself, yeah right this will work. I sure thought the name Air Yeezy was a crazy name to come up with (for better or worst). After a while the whole concept has grown on me. I am loving the materials, the shape and form, the colors are pretty on point and finally THE SOLES GLOW IN THE DARK. A nice touch to a nice sneaker.

Not too sure about the release of this colorway, but the  Zen Grey Air Yeezy’s release this Saturday so if your going to get them, give it a shot then.

Ok, This Is The Joint – Nike Air Force 1 x Huarache Hybrid

Nike Air Force 1 x Huarache Hybrid - White / White - Ice

(as seen on everyblog everywhere cause they so freakin HAWT)

(thank you Weeklydrop and Sneakerfiles for this one!!!)

Oh course I still have just on critisims… where exactly is the Huarache part of this sneaker???? lol I guess that would be my one problem with this sneaker. A Huarache patch and a symbol through the ice does not a huarache make. Maybe there is some detail I am not reading that makes these more huarache than they look… but I aint seein’ it lol

Other than that, these things are freakin AWESOME (I told myself to stop saying that word but its the first thing that comes to my mind). Clean white and the transucent light blue sole just sets it off so nicely it makes you cry. Its suppossed to release this summer (or spring) of this year. Hopefully it will not be one of those quick strike numbers they pull on us (although I will admit it should be limited but just not super limited… like thos 1/2 Hybrid Penny’s right?)

You are going to want to see more pictures so head toward the Weekly Drop for more info. Via

Video: Air Jordan I commercial – Banned

Doesn’t that bring back memories? Well, doesn’t it? Do you think Air Jordan should bring back the AJ1’s that ORIGINALLY released way back when (no patent leather please, spank you very much). I know he said (or some people in his team said) that there will be no more retros for a while (although they seem to be breaking that rule already… mad AJ1’s releasing this year in crazy colorways much like the Air Force One of many years past) but I would love to get a true Old Love Pack out to the masses.

I call it the TRUE Old Love Pack (with original colorways from the original release).