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Welcome to the Re-Re-Restart of Sneakers and Shoes


Of course I’ve been having troubles restart the fun but thats ok cause I can just start it here. The webzine part of Sneakers and Shes may still be down but the blog is up and might as well start posting some currently available footwear, sneaker type news, fashion talk and opinions.

What up on deck for the webzine…


The Sneakerwebs Agrees: Vans Vault Del Barco Chukka

Vans Vault Del Barco Chukka

(so when do they come out?)

According to Nicekicks, the sneaker releases sometime this fall or winter. For something not made from Nike or Jordan getting more than 8 comments on any of the popular sneaker sites means that something is happening that people are reacting to.

I will admit even bad reactions like for the Air Jordan Fusion 13 still shows that people care…. now if no one comments (or its less than 8 like these sneakers) and its on a sneaker blog that usually gets many comments… bad news for you.

Ok, ok, my rule isn’t totally fool proof, but you get the picture.

Luckily Vans gets mostly positive feedback on these kicks. It is a pair you should think about getting if you want to have something on the adult/mature end