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Android Homme Propulsion… adults only need apply

(if only they were on sale now…)

These need to be on my feet now. This will be apart of the fall/winter line-up according to Nicekicks. This pair has grey distressed leather and it looks quite good.

Or maybe it how they took the shots… Naaaahhhhh, its gotta be the shoes.

I need these to be released for real. The question is, what will they cost when they come out? Normal Adroid Homme prices? Hmmm….

Clarks Desert Boot Camel Suede…. smoooooooth

(sexy Clarks separate boys from men)

Don’t have anything to say, just wanted to point out that these are on sale… and with the Euro going through all its drama, the price isn’t anywhere near as bad as it used to be only a few months ago.

Check out the other pics and get more in for RIGHT HERE at

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Velvet Angels Women’s Ferox Slip On Ankle Boot

(so much gold, you could buy other shoes with it)

Ok here are some of the details (and a description too):

Moto-minded and on the hunt, the Ferox from Velvet Angels works the room brilliantly. Edgy chain-links circle an audacious open vamp, while a fabulous croco-embossed finish shines day or night. A spiky heel and mod platform will do wonders with denim, frocks, and leggings.

  • Shaft height measures approximately 5 1/2″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 11″ around
  • Heel measures approximately 4 1/2″
  • Platform measures approximately 1″


This is one fine ass shoe right here. You can’t tell me that you will not impress the entire room with these. WARNING: do not walk in these and go into public transportation cause… seriously almost every eye will be on you.

Seriously… I was on the train and these 2 women came on and I was like DAAAAAAAAAMNNNNnnnn they hot (the shoes that is lol). Half the train car was looking, or trying not to look of which was obvious, and they tried to carry on with their conversation… while dudes were all in their business trying to figure out what to say to them.

ANYway, just give them a shot and bring taxi money when you wear them. You can get them HERE at endless

Marquesole DONE IT AGAIN!!! Air Jordan 6 Retro Doernbecher Freestyle

Air Jordan 6 Retro Doernbecher Freestyle

(what are they going to do next? THIS IS BANANAS!!!)

Air Jordan 6 Retro Doernbecher Freestyle BACK

(b a n a n a s)

Sure it looks crazy but to me THIS THING LOOK GREAT!!! After the Air Jordan Fusion 13 total fiasco, this is a nice comeback. Find out more bout Doernbecher Childrens Hospital.

And no… she nur ready yet when she see’s you in these! She’ll know you hardcore lover brother!

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For The Grown and Sexy: Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens – Desert Boots

Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens - Desert Boots(don’t think I will go in the dessert with these LMAO)

Smoooooooooooooooooth!!! You won’t see me in Iraq in them (and you won’t see me in Iraq period), but its no question that they are smooth. If you want to up your look and show that special lady that you can also get down with going to the 40/40 Club.

Quote from FreshnessMag about shoe:

That pairing of talents and interests appears once again as Stussy partnered with Dr. Martens in designing the Desert Boots for Stussy Deluxe 2009 Fall Collection.  Made from supple premium suede, each boot feature a crepe outsole with Dr. Maertens’ ingenious creation, the Air Wair cushioning system.  The boot is then outfitted with piping, heel tab and laces in contrast colors – purple for black, green for brown.

Yes it is avalaible and yest if you are an adult (or inspire to be one) you may want to give this shoe a possibility.

For The Grown and Sexy: Lanvin High Trainer for Fall-Winter 2009

Lavin High Trainer - FallWinter 2009 -

(so these are trainers h’uh?)

These are some fly ass sneakers. It does have a look that I am sure you would have to specifically like (aka it may not be for everyone), but it still has swagger (gawd I am starting to hate that word) and if you can rock them, go ahead with your bad self.

I dare someone to actually use these sneaker as trainers.

Info from FreshnessMag:

With Alber Elbaz’s efforts, Lanvin is not only a purveyor of well made designer dresses, it is now synonymous with swanky, luxury trainers for men who embraced sneakers growing up and are ready to take their rubber soled kicks to the next level. This season, the casual footwear collection is solid with a liberal use of premium material such as jersey felt, suede and leather that it almost seems offensive to call these numbers “casual”.

So guys if this is what you want, why not? And if you are in NYC

505 Greenwich Street | Map
New York, New York 10013
TEL #: 212-925-0882

You may want to stop by there to check out the sneaker. More info on FreshnessMag. Aloha Rag website here.

Well This Is Really Nice: Hotel on Rivington x DC Shoes Admiral

Hotel on Rivington x DC Shoes Admiral

(because your feel deserve to look good)

I don’t know how they do it, but they have done it. Maybe its how the pictures were taken or something but I am pretty sure that this sneaker would look just as good in real life as it does in this picture.


On Sale: Pour La Victoire Murielle on Piperlime

Pour La Victoire Murielle

(they still look pretty hard to walk in)

On Sale for $215 dollars. These are some awesome looking sandal looking sneakers. Obviously made for the summer considering the openness of them. I am going to guess that the ladies wearing these will be the ones taking care of their feet… please, no rock feet for these shoes/high heel sandals

On Sale: Marc by Marc Jacobs Copper Patent Wedge

Marc by Marc Jacobs Copper Patent Wedge

Seen this on and can be bought here.

On Sale: Naughty Monkey Military Style

Naughty Monkey Military Style

(such a Naughty Monkey… on sale for 92.50)

Now this is a shoe for the ladies. Something calm with style and a little flare at the heel. Can’t tell how comfortable this would be for the ladies but I am sure for some it will not matter.

I think these are collectibles, so ladies (and some guys I am sure  you might want to pick these up.