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Welcome to the Re-Re-Restart of Sneakers and Shoes


Of course I’ve been having troubles restart the fun but thats ok cause I can just start it here. The webzine part of Sneakers and Shes may still be down but the blog is up and might as well start posting some currently available footwear, sneaker type news, fashion talk and opinions.

What up on deck for the webzine…


Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Photoshoot…  

Yes I know…. These sneakers came out a while ago. So what’s the point of having a photoshoot for a pair of sneakers that they hype is gone? Exactly! They hype is gone. This photoshoot (and others coming soon) is just about the love of the design and history of the sneaker. 

I like sneakers (in fact all footwear) mainly because it’s a mix of form and function; design, art and science. In other words these things have to work not just look good but if they don’t look good do they really work?

Grand Re-Opening

The Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux along with another sneaker gets the photoshoot treatment for the re-start next month. 

Rihanna Doing It Up in Air Max 2010 AIR ATTACK… no clouds in my stones

(we fly high together… you know me!)

Seen this as it crossed the sneakernet wires yesterday… all I have to say is WOW. Ladies, if you’re reading this, this is how you turn a guys head. A very simple outfit with some killer kicks on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To top it off, she does it in the brightest, yellowest, neon-ist (real word?) sneakers in the Air Attack line up.

It doesn’t get any better than this. First seen on The ShoeGame with pics via

<< “chartreuse sneakers” LOL really Just Jared? Ok ok, I don’t expect everybody to know its officially called volt (its volt volt/volt to be specific lol) and is part of the Air Attack series of kicks.

>> oh and another BTW moment, while I was on the site there was a link to dress up like Rihanna was currently wearing… shouldn’t be too hard to find a Nike sweatsuit and those Air Attack Volt/Volt on Volt. Anyway, here is what you can do to have that look:

Nike Air Max 2010 Air Attack volt/volt >> RIGHT HERE at

Sunglasses >> RIGHT HERE

Sweat Suits >> RIGHT HERE (hoody) – and –  RIGHT HERE (pants)

As for the rest like the angel chain, alternative kicks to make the look and so forth, just check out Just for more info.


A Sneaker Raps List… because you know you want to

(yes it is another list lol)

Sometime last year someone by the name of Robert of the Radish mad a list of Hip Hop sneaker songs. Want to see if one of your favs mad his list,  just check it out HERE.

What’s This? Nike Blazers Now With A Video Screen?




(why wasn’t I informed of this?)



This has to be a joke…. WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS?!

Replacement Teacher On The Simpsons Wears Converse

simpsons new teach wearing Converses

(anybody recognize those kicks?)

Watch it on

Wow… $460 Bucks For The Air Jordan 11 SPACE JAM

Air Jordan 11 Space Jams Available Early at SupremexClientele

(that’s a whole lot of dough… talk about braking bread)

And I quote from

The shoes will be $175 when they release later this year, but if you want to get them early, eBay seller SUPREMExCLIENTELE is offering them with Buy It Now’s for $460…about $300 more than the sticker price.

Is $460 too much to, not only get yours first, but to ensure you get them at all? There were some complaints about the price and it being so far above the original $175 (which is also higher than the original cost of the AJ11’s) but I would conclude that this is one special sneaker release and people want the early beat on these sneakers.

And school is starting soon too

And in NYC you have the Labor Day parade and all the parties the few days before the parade. That’s a whole lot of showing off your swagger (gawd I hate that word).

I wish/hope that Brand Jordan makes sure that there are enough AJ11’s to buy even though it is a limited release. I had no problem getting the “quickstrike” and “limited” of a few Jordans (which made me wonder if quickstrike and limited means the same thing anymore), but I just hope that when they say limited for the AJ11, what it really means is “hurry up and get to the store but you don’t have to stand online”.

More info and shots of the AJ11 on

Gatorade x Lots of Sneakers = Perfect Commercial

(yes the ladies look great… but THE SNEAKERS, look at the sneakers)

(I think I have a problem lol)

Straight from

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything from The Niceguys, so it’s nice to know that they’ll be dropping new music in the upcoming future. In the meanwhile, enjoy this Gatorade-sponsored event known as the Tipping Point in Houston.

I swear, you got to be everywhere now-a-days to see all the stuff that is coming out when it comes to sneakers. Its like if it aint a new video, its a new feature, sneaker line, technology or something. something is on sale somewhere, and there is always some new sneaker or shoe that is coming out that no one is paying attention to until it comes out… hiw do you keep upp with all this stuff? lol

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Nike Air Max LIVESTRONG Release

Nike Air Max LIVESTRONG Release

(just want to say that this was a solid release right here)

(and it got meaning too… look good and feel good)

Funny… Just Funny lol

(reminds me of the time I showed up in school with Hi-Tech boots)

(don’t remember Hi-Tech? they were popular for one year in NYC)


(seen this first on