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What’s Out Now: Girls Air Jordan 4 at Finishline

Why do the kids get the dope sneakers? Then again maybe its dope because its for the kids? Either way if the kids (or the parents of the kids) like Jordan’s, then these will definitely make them happy. Usually I don’t like denim on sneakers. It takes allot to make it work for me, but these work.

Currently at Finishline HERE

The Air Jordan Retro IV Basketball Shoe is an iconic shoe with a proven track record. In order to keep up with Jordan’s championship caliber play, the Air Jordan 4 debuted in 1989. The shoe matched his stellar season in which he achieved NBA All-Star, All Defense, and First Team honors.

I wonder why they didn’t release this before Christmas or before the start of the school year? Oh well… for the biggest sizes the price tops out at $139.99 and drops from their depending on what smaller size you end up getting.

Technical Difficultes… AGIAN

ah geez guys - LeBron VS Clevland


I”m not worried though because most of the webzine articles are written, the sneaker photoshoots are done, and being that I had to reset allot of stuff, I have lots of little things to put together. But at least the blog peart is up and running. Wanted both at the same time but can’t win them all! Starting tomorrow snkrs&shoes starts posting on the blog. Whats out now, whats interesting… and junk.

The more I think about it the more fun I think I will have doing this. So many ideas. Hope people like some of them lol

Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Photoshoot…  

Yes I know…. These sneakers came out a while ago. So what’s the point of having a photoshoot for a pair of sneakers that they hype is gone? Exactly! They hype is gone. This photoshoot (and others coming soon) is just about the love of the design and history of the sneaker. 

I like sneakers (in fact all footwear) mainly because it’s a mix of form and function; design, art and science. In other words these things have to work not just look good but if they don’t look good do they really work?

Grand Re-Opening

The Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux along with another sneaker gets the photoshoot treatment for the re-start next month. 

MASTER Chief Custom Dunks by Daniel Reese

masterchief - Custom Dunks by Daniel Reese(wow)

This has to be one of the coolest freaking customs I have seen in a while. Once again Daniel Reese has done it again with a pair of kicks that you can purchase as customs. This basically makes your pair special beyond belief. You can get these for 180 euros (don’t have any idea how much that is in dollars… but I am going to guess that it is over $200)

Check out Daniel Reese’s blog for more customs and so forth HERE

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Cool (but Geeky) Customs by Daniel Reese

Super Mario Custom Dunks

(holy customs Batman!… yes I know that was lame lol)

r2d2 custom dunks

(where is CP3O?)

Custom Sonic dunks(I loved this game and the cartoon that came after it on Saturday mornings)

TwitterDunk(now this I need

Now this are some customse I csn get with. The Twitter and R2D2 customs are my favorites but belive me there are more than that made by Daniel Reese.

How much will one pair cost you? $220 dollars. I think its worth it so don’t be surprised if sometime next year you see a bunch of photos of my R2D2 customs lol (or maybe thos 8-Bit Megaman…. or those Superman… or maybe Squirtel (for my sister, not me lol)… or maybe these…)

Private Basketball League Bans 12 y/o Girl Phenom… Good Grief

What has the world come to? The first question that comes to mind is that if this was a boy, would he be banned because of some rule that was obviously not enforced until some parent complained about their kids loosing? So much for playing for fun and learning good sportsmanship. Is our society so obsessed with winning that all we want to teach our kids is that winning is the only way? Do you know how many shots Micheal Jordan missed or what seed he was coming out of college? Bill Gates is a drop out, LeBron wanted to play Football, and Warren Buffet, the richest man alive (until I came along 20 years from now) started his multi-billion dollar investment business as a shirt company (in other words, he failed to get that shirt business going… must have been a hard lesson in loosing to make him a winner, h’uh?).

Ok, I was ranting about something else just then. Anyway, I don’t think they should have banned her, but I do think she should probably play with another group who is more advanced in BBall. Its too bad though cause I am sure some of the other players who want to win or play against her will not get the chance to step their game up. And her team mates also won’t be able to do the same.

I think this whole thing is a loose – loose situation. She seems to have a good attitude about it though and to me, that means she really did win anyway. Ever heard the phrase I will Not Loose? It doesn’t mean you actually don’t ever loose, it means you can’t loose if you learn from the situation and become better for it. How can you loose when everything thrown at you makes you better (and richer)?

I wish her the best!!! Hope to see her at a college game in 6 years. Ohio State maybe?

As seen on Digg and Yahoo. Lots of comments on Digg about this.

In Sneaker News: Is Apparel Doomed? Whats Goning On? And Why Did Mariah Marry Nick Cannon? LOL

With the economy going down… and then up… and then a little up… and then down again, people don’t have as much money to buy those sneakers, shoes, 22’s, suits shirts and pants. Apparel easily becomes the bastard child when it comes to peoples wallets. I mean, come on; if food prices go up, you still got to each and if gas goes up you still got to go to work and have hot water. So while this may be the Year of the Jordan, maybe, just maybe businesses in the world of clothes and footwear might take a hit.

After reading this article here on how apparel business might have a hard time this year, it looks like analysts are counting out businesses in retail and clothing due to all the reasons mentioned above and then some.

Say Good Bye to the 30 and 45 dollar t-shirt?

As you may or may not know last year was the year of color when it came to sneakers and in order to match, all you really had to do was get a t-shirt. In NYC the hottest t-shirt of 07 was the I Love NY t-shirt. You could get any color even though officially there are only 3 (black, white and pink off the official NYC Visitors site). You also still had the left over Brooklyn t-shirts from 06 still around as well in assorted colors. The question I have is what will happen this year? What will happen to the smaller cothing companies and niche brands? If Mariah married Nick Cannon, owner of PNB, will she be in the poor house? What happens to ALIFE, Todd Smith, Creative Recreation and other clothing and footwear lines?

When will it get better? Maybe after taxes come in for 2009. I do think though, that niche brands might not be in too much trouble cause of brand loyalty and he people they focus on has more discretionary money, but who knows. PNB Nation used to be a brand you could get everywhere, but now it is a highly focused clothing brand. Maybe all brands should think about that.

But it looks like Linens ‘n Things won’t make it that far.

For those getting that 300, 600 and 1200 dollar stimulus package rebates, there are PLENTY of businesses setting up to GET AT THAT PAPER offering 300, 600 and 1200 dollar gift certificates… WOWWOW.

The Most POPULAR Boot in NYC – Nike Men’s Air Max Goadome

Nike Men’s Air Max Goadome – Black

Price: Ranges from 139.99 to 179.99

Nike Men’s Air Max Goadome - Black

Oh good lawd THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!

THESE FREAKIN BOOTS ARE FREAKIN ALL OVER THE PLACE! No Lie. TRUE STORY. I have lost count as to how many times I have seen this boot. I have yet to ever see anything close this year when to comes to these things. I was on the bus just 4 days ago and, including myself, there were 5 pairs. 3 of the ones pictured above and 2 of the seamless ones (that is the one I wear).

Nike Men’s Air Max Goadome Seamless Low- Black

There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not see these boots. Nike hit the jackpot with this one. Not only the highschoolers are wearing them (copy kats), the college set are wearing them and adults of all ages are wearing them. These shoes are a BIG HIT amongst the Police, UPS, Fed Ex, Security Guards, Construction Workers, Sanitation and MTA workers due to the fact that they are stupid comfortable. When you are on your feet all day doing whatever, you need something that really works well while at the same time fills the job requirements. Your feet hurt, you got corns growing, you hammer toe that didn’t bother you before you started working, now does… man you need something that has some cushioning while it actually will protect your foot against glass, gravel, rocks and other such junk.

These boots do the job. My feet are doing better and I am sure other people will agree that this is better than the Timbo workboot or the Sears work shoe.

Nike Boots LookBook at Complex

A few things Nike could do to just take over the planet with these boots:

  1. Actually state that the rubber is non-slip on oils and such and that it can protect you from hazards such as electrocution (like other work boots do)
  2. Make a OSHA approved steel toe version.
  3. Make a non-visible air version (for those who worry about puncturing the air pillows)
  4. STOP fronting on the fact that people have widths and orthopedic needs… if New Balance can do it, so can you.
  5. Would a Nike Shock version work for this? (Undecided on how that would look or how popular that would be)
  6. Nike Air Max 360 version??? lol
  7. Much like Timberlan did a collaberation with NYC Police and NYCT, maybe a Goamdome version with a NYC subway map on it.

Yes Nike, I know; these are not work boots. They are marketed toward the casual wearer. That’s fine… but I will bet you that a version that is more work boot like will also take over NYC.

Even with my criticisms, the Nike Air Goadome using full Air Max cushioning works so freakin well that it is literally the boot that has taken over NYC. I can say with many assurances that I will see this boot at least 10 times tomorrow AT LEAST. Not even the Air Jordan Aquas had so much penetration.

Get the different versions at Eastbay. Finishline has some more styles and if I find any other places with them, I’ll post it here.

First Shot of Air Jordan XX3… what the hell???

Air Jordan XX3 Finally Leaked! –

Air Jordan 23 - First Look

I love Air Jordan and I bet that most people have at least 2 pair of Jordans in their closet at any given time. I figure the last Air Jordan will be the most comfortable footwear ever made… full of technological stuff like these sneakers have

But this picture… the look… THESE THINGS LOOK UGLY. (more…)

Jezign and The Bubble Cloud: Its Got Lights!!! Part II

I never saw this video… now I really wish I bought me a pair!

They still at Finishline though, but not that any sizes left…

Jezign Bubble Cloud Casual Sneaker

Price: 149.99

Not too many sizes left. Only one other colorway version left
(out of 3 total originally on Finishline)