The Life and Culture of Kicks


Pssst… you like Polo??? Here U Go – Walker Classic HighTop

(maaaaad simple kicks for chillin’ in)

While browsing Polo website, I bounced into these pair. For $60 bucks you can have what looks like a pair of Converse’s and another sneaker that I can’t recall right now.

This is for the peoples who want to show what they are wearing while also keeping it simple. And if you wear pants, you can basically stay incognito as far as branding goes.

You want it? Get it direct from Polo RIGHT HERE.

On Sale: Dolce Vita Women’s Lana Sandal

(because all white shoes with zippers should be expensive)

A nice looking shoe for a price that you may not believe but hey, being fashion forward is worth it I guess. After reading one of the comments on the shoe, you may want to watch your step cause these are some high heels.

Get them HERE at Endless.

On Sale: Giuseppe ZANOTTI I97096

(hot freakin shoes… to be named I97096)

These are some fly looking high heel shoes. I am totally thinking to myself that the lady wearing these will make the guy take notice.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

You can get them HERE at Zappos for $525

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: DSQUARED2 Ankle Boot What’s Your Name Velvet Oil

(a nice look for the ladies who want Timbo colored heels)

The name of these ankle boots take it to some next level ish… I mean that is one long name right there. I can only imagine a woman coming to the store and asking for these… and then forgetting the name of them.

What’s your name velvet costs $724 bucks (original price was $1,119) and you can get them RIGHT HERE on Zappos

Supra Skytop II Navy Gold Leather

A new arrival at the Allike store, the Supra Skytop II Navy Gold Leather, is the second generation of the famous original Skytop. Not sure if it will be as popular as the original but it does look pretty nice in this colorway.


Streamlined second generation Skytop on a vulcanized outsole. Distinctive tongue design with 2 pull holes. Wax laces. Heel protection molded into high memory polyurethane sockliner. Exclusive Supra- Foam® midsole providing entire foot impact resistance, optimal shoe flex, and board feel. Internal neoprene sleeve for unmatched comfort, fit and performance

Source: Allike

You can get them at the not so pricey price of $139.99 RIGHT HERE. Get them and show up your skating buddies… 😉

On Sale: See by Chloe – SB13041

(ok seriously another shoe with a alphanumeric name?

This is one of those sneaker shoe type things for the ladies to love… that is if they love it.  For a little over 200 dollars (available at Zappos Culture RIGHT HERE) you can get these boot like sneaker/shoes that also have a special feature of being rolled down.

Only 2 sizes left on Zappos so if your gonna do it then do it now. Get it HERE

On Sale: L.A.M.B. Zarina by Gwen Stefani

(I’m thinking that Timberland is scared)

Introducing the shoe that you can wear in light snow… well, its not waterproof (I don’t think suede is waterproof… and since this is a peep toe shoe, I’m gonna guess the snow will get through) but it sure links up to the ever present Timbo footprint that you can see in urban culture.

This shoe has allot of details that I think the female shoe collector will like and yet it not too busy (so you can wear them to the banquet and the trendy night spot).

Plus, I am sure the fellas in your life will appreciate the Tjimbo connection with the soles.

You can get them RIGHT HERE if you want them and the price is reasonable for 142 (well… reasonable compared to the prices of other womens high heels)

On Sale: Burberry Check Embossed Bark Leather Ankle Boot

(umm hmmm… bet most guys wouldn’t recognize these)

Sure its from last season but fly stuff never goes out of style. It is mostly one color using different tones and materials to make the shoe pop but don’t let that stop you ladies from picking them up.

Not allot of details on the shoe other than the usual suspects… heel height (3.5″), where its made (Italy), and the shoe’s weight… I know better than to talk about weight.

If you interested in these, you can get them RIGHT HERE at for $517 USD

beGrown… beSexy MEN: UBIQ 2009 Fall-Winter Bo-Ro

(so what this is old news!!!)

Yes this is probably something you have already seen if you visit the Fab Four of sneaker sites (Nicekicks, SneakerNews, TheShoeGame and KicksOnFire) but I just wanted to give it some new shine. I am sure the grown men appreciate it cause its hard to get your grown look on and still wear sneakers. Luckily UBIQ come up with a solution.

This came in 4 different colorways way back when… it still seems to be available at atmos right HERE. Originally seen on Hypebeast via Nicekicks… yeah, diggin in those sneaker crates AND being grown and sexy all at the same time lol

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Proenza Schouler OI9706

(who names a shoe OI9706???)

This is an unbelievably good looking shoe. It also comes in another colorway (see below) that is just as awesome as the original.

Now the price… $1,36o dollars… but your in luck because they are on sale at Endless RIGHT HERE and you can get 35% off for a grand total of  $886.76