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Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: Diesel Don’t Make Running Sneakers


(wow, really?)

This actually happened… it was over 5 years ago but it still happened. Deal with it.

As seen first on Ad Rant

Would you get 300 dollar slippers just to have LV on it?

(because I like spending 300+ on slippers…)



Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: @RonnieFieg Edition – THE OLIBERTE GUNSMOKE ADIBO


(they don’t look comfortable but damn they look good)

Told y’all I was gonna make up for not following what Mr Fieg has been doing all this time. I got to really open those crates for real cause he got some juicy grown man ish on there.


The feel and hand to this leather is perfect, its soft yet rugged and adding a nice leather lining helps keep the construction of the upper sturdy. The condensed crepe soles are a bit different from what we are used to seeing and matches nicely with the rest of the shoe. To really understand what this shoe is all about you must feel them in person, the craftsmanship is flawless and they really make for a unique pair in your closet. Priced at $110, a limited run of 48 pairs will be available this Friday December 17th 10am Est. at the David Z

Now BEFORE YOU START ASKING ME about how you can get them, just read the detail… but if your a little lazy, well then I’m writing this for you… the sneaker WAS on sale a while ago. You might find it on eBay if you are lucky.

Just diggin in those sneaker crates (Ronnie Fieg Edition)… December 16th 2010 on Ronnie Fieg’s blog

Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: @RonnieFieg Edition – RALPH LAUREN THE BURNT RED RANGER


(causal and smooth)

Another creation from a guy who knows his footwear and what materials to use to make it happen. Nothing really more to say other than its a good look.

Just diggin in those sneaker crates (Ronnie Fieg edition)… November 21th 2010 on Ronnie Fieg

Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: @RonnieFieg Edition – Clarks Saddle Collection Dessert Boot



(put them on my feet NOW)

Clarks is one of the classic looks that has somehow managed to stay on the scene even as other companies have come and go. Now, or should I say back whn this came out, it gets the Ronnie Fieg ook.

Here are the details:

It’s been amazing for me to see Clarks stay extremely relevant for 15 years, one of the very few “brown shoe” companies to do so. When working with the Desert Boot, It was important for me to stay true to what Clarks Originals is all about, just added a classic finish and colors to the timeless classic. Priced at $95, all three colors will be available this Friday November 19th at the David Z. flagship

The price seems to be always right when it comes to these kicks. If you got them when they came out, you re the lucky and the few.

Just dggin in those sneaker crates… November 17th 2010 on Ronnie Fieg Blog

Diggin in the Sneaker Crates: @RonnieFieg Edition – Cultureshoq x Ronnie Fieg



Another pair of hot as fire shoes from the man himself. Is it art or is it footwear? And the pictures he take are fantastic!!!

Details from the blog:

For the fourth installment of the Sebago Nexus Project, and I present two new styles that I’ve been excited about since we went to Dominican Republic early this year. Priced at $140USD and limited to 48 pairs per style, the DT lug sole comes in a premium crazy horse brown leather with a removable kilt and leather laces, and the DT High is comprised of oily chestnut suede with a removable kilt/tassels. You can purchase these boots tomorrow Friday October 29th at 10am EST at the David Z flagship store as well as online at Shots by@Sqmunro

Since this went on sale way back in October, I am guessing that they are gone now. Only 48 pairs makes them pretty exclusive and no question these things are works of art.

Just diggin in those sneaker crates (Ronnie Fief Edition)… October 28th 2010 on Ronnie Fieg

Diggin’ in the Sneaker Crates: Converse X Size? Poorman Weapon HI

(on a stack of Sneaker
Freaker magazines I’m getting these)

See now this is hot
folks! For whatever reason I need the Converse Poorman to be a
collabo, otherwise I just don’t like them by themselves. And this
collaboration is exciting for me to look at. This is definatly
going in my picture blog of style… Oh I guess you don’t know
about that Sneaker/Shoes project yet… It’s ok you will


Random Craziness – Sneakers with Sound System

(this is just crazy… tell me this not real)

Don’t have much to say here. This just can’t be a real sneaker. It. Just. Can’t.

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: Ronnie Fieg

(total heat from Ronnie Fieg)

I made a mistake. I should have been following what Ronnie Fieg has
been doing way more than I was. Hell, I should be wearing a pair of
his designs right now. I made this statement on Twitter and I stand
by it: if your top ten or 20 kicks/shoes of 2010 don’t include
Ronnie Fieg, then something is wrong with your list So to make up
for my error I will be focusing on Ronnie Fieg in my “digging in
the sneaker crates” series this month way more often then I would
normally focus on anyone or any particular brand. So don’t get mad
at me if for the rest of the month you see Ronnie all over the

On Sale: ANDROID HOMME Craft Hi @REVOLVEclothing

(high end… at a cost)

Its Dior Homme not Dior Homie… now where did I get THAT from? Anyway here is a smooth sneaker for the more mature individual who wants something casual, stylish and is still a sneaker.

No it doesn’t have air in it… and I have no idea how comfortable it is but it does look pretty good. At the price it better, at least, be the smoothest leather.

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Currently at Revolve Clothing RIGHT HERE (I totally expect to come back to that site to see what see they got).