The Life and Culture of Kicks


Nike… please fix the Nike Boot bubble bursting issue


I know most footwear isn’t really meant to last more than 6 months of use, but sheeeesh. I have had literally 5 Nike boots over a 2 year period. They shouldn’t be busting like this. I know I weight 250 pounds but seriously?

Make no mistake, there WILL be a video review of these kicks. I will try to be kind (they are the most comfortable waterproof boot I have ever worn), but going through 5 pair of them in 2 years is just a little too high of a turn over rate.

In NYC these are still a very popular boot.  I suspect they still will be for a while, but man oh man, I do wonder if other people are going though the same things I am.

More on this soon…

Clarks Desert Boot Camel Suede…. smoooooooth

(sexy Clarks separate boys from men)

Don’t have anything to say, just wanted to point out that these are on sale… and with the Euro going through all its drama, the price isn’t anywhere near as bad as it used to be only a few months ago.

Check out the other pics and get more in for RIGHT HERE at

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Pelle Moda Women’s Tammi Platform Ankle Boot

(you better like triangles if you want this)

Now this is a shoe that the ladies can get into without killing them with the price. For $123 – 144 bucks, you can get these on your feet. Ladies, you WILL get attention from the guys if you have these on. I know for a fact that you will get looks.


Pelle Moda’s Tammi boot is the perfect blend of sophistication and seduction. Its rich suede upper is accented with angular cutouts and decorative laces, while a sleek platform and heel add head-turning height. A foam-cushioned forefoot and back zip make it as easy to wear as it is breathtaking.

  • Shaft height measures approximately 6 1/2″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 9 1/2″ around
  • Heel measures approximately 4 3/4″
  • Platform measures approximately 1″
  • Suede upper
  • Leather sole


If you are game for these then take a shot a pick them up at Endless right HERE.

On Sale: Rock & Republic Women’s Sabra Platform Ankle Boot

(just look at that close up… )

If you like high heels that are more high than the usual high heel and you want a little flare that is not too… flarey… ok, the point is that this is a shoe that can dazzle and also take you to the the nice dinner out on the town.

It got some interesting looks that’s for sure. Get it on Endless RIGHT HERE.

Second Most Popular Boot in NYC: Conquest High Boot

(if you are in NYC, you are seeing these boots)

This right here is THE most popular boot in NYC that is only second to the Nike ACG Boot. The boot isn’t my style at all, but I will definitely agree that it looks good (I just don’t like the whole rubber booty around the bottom).

It comes in a few colorways and also in low top form as well. Can’t say how comfortable they are because I never tried them on, but considering the amount of people wearing them, I am gonna hazard a guess that they are at least tolerable when it comes to comfort


  • Two front zips with leather pull tabs at either side of the tongue for a secure fit. “POLO”-embossed Velcro® front tab closure feeds through a metal ring at one side and overlaps the zipped tongue. Single pull tab at the heel.
  • Applied leather panels at the sides with embossed “POLO” at one side. Contrasting pebbled leather at the toe with stitched detail.
  • Textured rubber reinforcement at the heel. Inset leather detail with quilted stitching at the top back for a comfortable fit.
  • Padded insole. Treaded rubber sole for maximum traction.
  • Leather. Imported.

Source: Polo

Can’t say much more about the boots… Strangely they don’t say if they are waterproof and with those zippers so low… I don’t know lol

If your in NYC you know about it already. Anybody wearing them in your part of town? You can get them direct from Polo RIGHT HERE (as well as a bunch of other stuff) for a rain boot protecting price of $129

On Sale: See by Chloe – SB13041

(ok seriously another shoe with a alphanumeric name?

This is one of those sneaker shoe type things for the ladies to love… that is if they love it.  For a little over 200 dollars (available at Zappos Culture RIGHT HERE) you can get these boot like sneaker/shoes that also have a special feature of being rolled down.

Only 2 sizes left on Zappos so if your gonna do it then do it now. Get it HERE

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: Gourmet L’otto

(guess what’s on sale yall?)

Many moons ago the pictures of these kicks came out. Now guess what? They are on sale. Instead of 249 Euros, they are now 129 Euros… whatever that is in USD… either way its for less.

You can get them at the ALLike online store HERE and it would seem that they’re are plenty of sizes left to get your grown and sexy look on.

Original post was on SneakerFreaker via Individual Sole back on July 12 of 2009… just diggin in those sneaker crates…

beGrown… beSexy WOMEN: Proenza Schouler OI9706

(who names a shoe OI9706???)

This is an unbelievably good looking shoe. It also comes in another colorway (see below) that is just as awesome as the original.

Now the price… $1,36o dollars… but your in luck because they are on sale at Endless RIGHT HERE and you can get 35% off for a grand total of  $886.76

Nike ACG Woodside looks like a VERY popular boot in NYC right now

(well now these boots look familiar)

Should have posted this when I saw it originally in ’09. There is a boot in NYC that is the most popular boot that is only second to the Nike Boots and it is made by Polo (of all people) and when I saw this on NikeStore website I thought to myself that the saw the trend and came up with these.

I have no idea who is really first due to the fact that it takes time for a footwear design to make it out the door but it does look bad when one comes out first and then someone else seemingly comes out with something simulair.

Anyway, if you want the Nike Woodside (for whatever reason) you  can get them HERE at Footlocker.

HEY… you a Boxer? You Like adidas Originals? Here you go… LACE BOXING BOOT SNEAKERS

(yes, this is a mens boot)

So you are a boxer you say? FANTABULOUS because I have a boot by ORIGINALS from adidas that will knock you off your feet (especially when you realize you will pay 300+ dollars for it).

Now that is a boot. They don’t come out until March of 2010 so you have a few weeks more to save up to be truly original. Not sure about the flowery details for a guy shoe/boot/sneaker (whatever the hell this is) but I think a guy can rock this if his fashion balls are big enough.

Of course you can get them at my favorite site to look for the most interesting footwear HERE at for $303 dollars. THEY DON’T COME OUT TILL MARCH 2010 so start saving if you want them.