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One of the reasons why I want to bring back Music Mondays – @misskeribaby

(sometimes I just see MAD heat in these videos)

Every once in a while footwear gets some love in music videos or the whole video is about kicks. When i see it, I feel like somebody should give them a shout out for showing love for the feets.

So I’m seriously thinking about bringing back Music Mondays. Maybe not every week, but at least once a month. Maybe some sort of bi-weekly wrap-up or something. Eh… we will see.

That is the HOTTEST part of the video (other than the sneaker/shoe shot LOL)

I’ll guess it will all work out. Update on this soon.


Music Mondays: The Jonesz – Sneakers N’ Heels

(now you are totally talking my language!!!)

(love the comcept… not sure about the lyrics though)

(ummm…. what do you think???)

Music Mondays: Beyonce – Diva

Beyonce's Diva Cover also showing off some real high heels

Nice shoes… can you spot all the footwear heat in this video (we know what one of them is, right)? Ok, tell you what, while you give me some hints, I’m gonna try to get the info. Lets hope they have the info lol otherwise I gonna have to guess like the rest of yall

Music Mondays: Wale – Nike Boots

(oh now this is nice man!!!)

(kicks made you look!!!)

(yall don’t worry me in the least of bit… )

(and a finger in the middle I’mma leave them wit)

Spot The adidas Sneakers – Redman feat Erick Sermon Keith Murray “Rappers Delight”

Yes I know its not MondayYou know, for Music Mondays), but I wanted to post this anyway... Shell Top’s away! Old school video remake of an even older school song Rappers Delight with Kieth Murry, Redman and Eric Sermon… woooooowwwwwwww. I think Redman is coming out with a new album.

Why Is This So Popular On My Blog? Sneaker Night – Vanessa Hudgens

(wow… and what the hell is One True Media???)

Anyway, starting sometime next month (depending on my workload with school, work and a few things I am doing that is related to self education on my own), I will start dedicating one post (or maybe 2-3 depending on what I can find that works) on Music. I will call it Music Mondays. The videos, links and so forth will be either old school stuff or totally sneaker or shoe related videos (or somehow relating to sneakers or shoes).

So who is going to be fly’er than the rest of them? Vanessa step your game up girl!

Music Mondays: Wale – W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.

(and a finger in the middle is what I leave em wit)

(couldn’t wait till next month to start Music Mondays)

Oh this song is going to be on repeat. Wale, I need this album to come out!!! Anyway folks, Music Mondays will officially start next month on May 4th. Just one part of my tv blog viewing line up (it will also help me to remember what I should post and when… cause remember, I got school to contend with… but I am thinking about a break, but I will let you know when that happens lol… I should have just made that a regular sentence LMAO)

Music Mondays on Sneakers and Shoes!!!!

Now in color….

There Was A Music Group Called SneakerPimps???? LMAO

(why wasn’t I made aware of this?)

Nice Kicks says “Yuck”… I say “They got potential”

Magic 2007 Kicks Awards: Worst in Show | Nice Kicks – Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Release Dates and sneaker news.


Would you wear them? That is the question.


Kicks Rule Everything Around Me, its K.R.E.A.M.

Originally found this on Nicekicks, the video is a play off of Wu-Tang C.R.E.A.M. as well as Spike Lees “Do The Right Thing”

I like it. Its cool and its original while still relating to some of that sneaker history.