The Life and Culture of Kicks


One of the reasons why I want to bring back Music Mondays – @misskeribaby

(sometimes I just see MAD heat in these videos)

Every once in a while footwear gets some love in music videos or the whole video is about kicks. When i see it, I feel like somebody should give them a shout out for showing love for the feets.

So I’m seriously thinking about bringing back Music Mondays. Maybe not every week, but at least once a month. Maybe some sort of bi-weekly wrap-up or something. Eh… we will see.

That is the HOTTEST part of the video (other than the sneaker/shoe shot LOL)

I’ll guess it will all work out. Update on this soon.


Super Sale (hurry): adidas ORIGINALS By ORIGINALS – Jeremy Scott Winged High Top @Luisaviaroma

(you know you want wings so stop playing)

Here is one place (I am sure there are more, I am just too lazy to look right now) where if you want these, you can get them. WARNING THERE IS ONLY a couple left at Luisaviaroma RIGHT HERE if you want them.

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What did cost $350 bucks now cost a little over$150 bucks. These are not as outrageous as other “wings” that you may have seen on my blog or in other places.

Rihanna Doing It Up in Air Max 2010 AIR ATTACK… no clouds in my stones

(we fly high together… you know me!)

Seen this as it crossed the sneakernet wires yesterday… all I have to say is WOW. Ladies, if you’re reading this, this is how you turn a guys head. A very simple outfit with some killer kicks on.

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To top it off, she does it in the brightest, yellowest, neon-ist (real word?) sneakers in the Air Attack line up.

It doesn’t get any better than this. First seen on The ShoeGame with pics via

<< “chartreuse sneakers” LOL really Just Jared? Ok ok, I don’t expect everybody to know its officially called volt (its volt volt/volt to be specific lol) and is part of the Air Attack series of kicks.

>> oh and another BTW moment, while I was on the site there was a link to dress up like Rihanna was currently wearing… shouldn’t be too hard to find a Nike sweatsuit and those Air Attack Volt/Volt on Volt. Anyway, here is what you can do to have that look:

Nike Air Max 2010 Air Attack volt/volt >> RIGHT HERE at

Sunglasses >> RIGHT HERE

Sweat Suits >> RIGHT HERE (hoody) – and –  RIGHT HERE (pants)

As for the rest like the angel chain, alternative kicks to make the look and so forth, just check out Just for more info.


Saturday the 16th, 2010 – NikeLIVE with Kobe Bryant

(well, well, well… Facebook live stream ‘huh Kobe?)

It comes on at 6pm my time (EST). AND its going to stream live on Facebook (click HERE for info). Now that’s an interesting development.

Married To The Mob & Teyana Taylor – Fall 2009 Collection

Teyana Taylor for Married to the MOB   Fall 2009 Collection

(there is something about MTTM I just like)

Teyana Taylor for Married to the MOB - Fall 2009 Collection

(you can NEVER go wrong with Air Jordan Holy Grails)

(ok, ok… you can go wrong with them, but she didn’t)

The fall 1 delivery is slated to drop next week just in time for back to school so keep your eyes peeled on and Alife stores to cop the gear. Married to the MOB has tapped 18-year-old rapper/singer Teyana Taylor (best known as Pharrell’s protege), to be the face of their fall 2009 “Smells Like Teen Spirit” collection shot by Brooke Nipar at ACE Hotel


Teyana Taylor for Married to the MOB Fall 2009


This news came out a long time ago. Not too long ago (August ’09) but long enough. I guess it could be a “diggin in the sneaker crates” post considering just how long ago but what the hell… I ment to post this but somehow left it on the drafting table.

Anyway, the MTTM look is pretty smooth. It street style that is specifically for the ladies. It underground enough to be different yet easy enough to get and be recognizable by those in the know to flaunt that you know too… does that make sense? That damn psychology class is starting to kick in.

There are more pics on but the ones posted here are my favorite, especially the all black look. The Minnie skirt can be bought here, while the t-shirt can be had over here. Don’t know where the boots came from but hell, find your own hard core boots to match (or get those Timberland high heels… nah that won’t work with this… but if you follow my twitter you would know that I want to see a women in those right now!!! Those boots would make any guys head turn to check out the lady wearing them) bu I guess you can go for these Timbos if push came to shove. Kinda tall, but you wouldn’t need to put on those thigh high socks that she is wearing.

Karmaloop has a little lookbook so when you head over to the Married To The Mob page, you will see a link at the top for the fall lookbook.

MTTM background image on shopping page is BANANAS


And no… I have NO IDEA what that background pic on the Karmaloop/MTTM page is supposed to be about (and when you scroll down it gets worst lol)… its a little crazy, BUT those kicks the gorilla is wearing is alright.

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez’s Son Got Nice Shoes

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez’s Son Max Out and About

(yall recognize those AJ’s?)

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: Kim Kardashian Tosses Sneakers

[Kim Kardashian throwing sneakers and shoes… girl give me a call lol]

Kim kardashian Tosses Sneakers

Many moons ago (back in January) Kim did a solid by tossing out sneakers to the crowd. A shoe showing contest… sounds like a good idea to me.

Just diggin in thos sneaker crates… January 2009

Music Mondays: M.I.A – Paper Planes… A Fan Video Featuring The McFlys

(no one on the corner have swagger like us)

Music Mondays: Beyonce – Diva

Beyonce's Diva Cover also showing off some real high heels

Nice shoes… can you spot all the footwear heat in this video (we know what one of them is, right)? Ok, tell you what, while you give me some hints, I’m gonna try to get the info. Lets hope they have the info lol otherwise I gonna have to guess like the rest of yall

Yeezy Wants His Own Sneakerline???

Nike x KanyeWest Air Yeezy back in Feb 2008

(I remember at first I thought this was a bad idea)



“I wish Nike would give me a deal, I wish Louis would give me a deal. Since that hasn’t happened yet, I am in the process of making my own company from scratch to put out to my people.”

I have to see this. As for not giving Kayne a shot for his own line, that was probably a bad move for Nike who usually makes good moves, but I guess time will tell.