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Whats Out Now: Under Armour Curry 2 at Eastbay


(the suit and tie still here)

I got one more good year of basketball playing in me (no tournaments, just a pick-up game here or there) and this is the sneaker I want to do it in (along with my still working Kobe 5 low tops… yeah they still do the trick even tho they years old and so does my AJ23’s). Why do I want to try on a pair of kicks from a company I never wear anything from before?


Pics of the AirJordan 2011… you know, the one they didn’t want you to see

(wow… seriously?)

So after all the take down emails and so forth saying this ISN’T the new Air Jordan 2011 and how this is a  sample, it turns out not only is this the new Air Jordan 2011 but the “sample” was spot on.

Sooooooooo…. what do you think? Looks like some cross between the Air Jordan 11 (get it? 2011… Air Jordan 11?) and some new tech. of course being the blog that this is, you know I’m gonna drop my opinion on ya so here it is…


What If? Nintendo x Air Jordan VI by Cadwallader

(OMG and it totally matches too!)

Oh man!!! I don’t know about whether this should be a limited release or a general one (and no I’m not a hypebeast but some kicks jut don’t work as a general release) but I think people would like it.


The Air Jordan 2011… Does it look like this or not?

(no wonder there hasn’t been a peep about these kicks in months)

Ok its a new year and promises have been made to who ever or where ever and such . Here we have what COULD be the Air Jordan 2011. Doing a search for the Air Jordan 2011 will show just what the sneaker looks like. IN FACT Dwane Wade of the Miami Heat wore the AJ 2011 (if they are really the AJ2011) on Christmas day.

(anybody notice D. Wade changing back to the AJ2010?)

So what’s the deal? Is this the sneaker? Many, and I mean MANY, sneaker blogs say yes it is. I actually hope THAT IT ISN’T and this is some sort of sample or maybe a AJ2011.5 version or a lite version or something.


LeBron Goes Back To Ohio… as a Miami Heat player

(here we go…)

Oh it is SOOOOOO on right now!!! (and of course I’m going to miss it due to a work schedule change) The buzz tonight is going to be pretty intense and I can’t WAIT to see what the sneakernets is going to say about what happened during and after the game.

And it looks like Clevlane Ohio has something in store for their fallen King when he arrives. YOU gotta check this out:

Cavs Chants x Laugh at LeBron
The official “Chant Sheet” for 12.2.10
Throughout the game:
Whenever LeBron is introduced, laugh as loud as you can
Wade – Boo
Bosh- Boo
Arroyo – Boo
Z – (We’d encourage Cheering)
LeBron – Laugh as loud as you can
12:00-6:00 1st Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
NO-Ring-King (To the beat of “Lets-Go-Cavs”)
6:00-0:00 1st Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Ak-Ron Hates-You (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap)
12:00-6:00 2nd Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Wit-Nessed Noth-Ing (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap)
6:00-0:00 2nd Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Sideeeee-Kick Sideeee-Kick (No Claps, derisive singing)
Start of Third Quarter:
To the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee”
Our King he betrayed Thee
Couldn’t play any ‘D’
He has no RING!
Playoffs He Barely Tried
Embarrassed Akron’s Pride
No Doubt he really lied
(Repeat as Necessary)
12:00-6:00 3rd Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Scott-ie Pip-pen (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap) Apologies to Pip
6:00-0:00 3rd Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
Traiiii-tor Traiiii-tor (No Claps, Derisive Singing)
12:00-6:00 4th Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the
chant is:
De-Lon-Te! De-Lon-Te! (To the beat of “Lets-Go-Cavs”)
6:00-0:00 4th Quarter
Throughout the last half of the Fourth Quarter:
Cleve-land Rocks!
Cleve-land Rocks!

SOURCE: News From The Hardwood


So who’s going to win tonight? Will Lebron’s new 8’s feel the heat? What about those other 2 or more players he plays with that I can’t quite remember there names right now think after the game? Will their kicks feel the “heat’ as well?

Does Nike and adidas bring out the lawyers? LMAO tune in at 7:30 to find out. More on this tomorrow! its gonna be a riot.


Super Sale: Mega Softcell BHM at Finishline

(man, I spent too much time making that collage)

Wanting to try on a pair of kicks that actually look like they have some kick to them? Then give these a try. It’s a little odd looking if you ask me but they do have some kind of air of strength and would probably look good on a small foot (12′ + may look like boats).

Reguardless of my more interesting opinions, the big news is that you can get them at $30 bucks off.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Those other colorways seem yucky though (and there ARE some really interesting colorways)… oh well, you can’t go wrong with $64.99

Currently at

So did you get your Air Force 1 Foamposite?

[nikestore still has them RIGHT NOW]


If you want them, then head over to NieStore because they are still available. I am sort of surprised since there was so much love for them on the sneakernets. Maybe it was the price that got people a little shook… who knows. If you want them head over HERE.


Michael Jordan’s Response To Lebron James What Should I Do Commercial… awww snap

[watch the video below]

Ok, ok… is actually NOT a responce from MJ himself, but a very clever fan made video. The sound bites come from a MJ commercial (I am sure some of you reconize it) from way back when and long before LJ came out with his.

So far the video has 600,000 plus views and its only been up since the begining of the Thanksgiving weekend from what I see. I am sure once everybody comes back from their stuffing break, they are going to want to see this one.

Kinda instpiring actually. What you see as a guy who has a “gift” is actually a guy who works VERY hard to make it look easy.


Somebody is writing the Truth About Michael Jeffery Jordan… Whatever that means…

(is that why there is a hole in the sneaker?)

(pic from

Here is the truth, G.O.A.T. = MJ and his kicks kick-started a footwear revolution (2.0) for dudes everywhere.

So why am I posting about this? The word blaspheme comes up in the title of an article about him, so I took the bate… what the hell are they talking about? Well here it is (with my sharp witted, full of myself commentary of course).

Blashpemy: The Truth About Michael Jeffery Jordan

By most accounts this is accepted as fact. There is no problem with the opinion that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. There are certainly opinions that hold a lot less credibility. The problem comes when people make him out to be more than what he was.

Source: Bleacher Report

Say whaaaaa??? You know its gonna get good after that (or at least, it should)


Air Jordan 13 “Premio” Bin 23 is ummmmm… interesting…

(well… now isn’t this snazzy)

As seen on Nicekicks, His Airness is releasing another pair of kicks under the Bin 23 montra of which will cost you a grip if you want one. I love the idea personally, but… and you had to know there was going to be a “but” in this… these are not the best colorway for the AJ13’s.

Don’t get me wrong, they look right (see more images by clicking RIGHT HERE) but I think for the higher price and quality materials, it could have been in a better colorway. It doesn’t have to be in the playoff colorway or one of the OG released colorways, but it didn’t have to be this colorway either.

Maybe this will grow on me like the Air Jordan 9 BIN 23 has… but I doubt it.

Find out more at