The Life and Culture of Kicks

Welcome to the Re-Re-Restart of Sneakers and Shoes


Of course I’ve been having troubles restart the fun but thats ok cause I can just start it here. The webzine part of Sneakers and Shes may still be down but the blog is up and might as well start posting some currently available footwear, sneaker type news, fashion talk and opinions.

What up on deck for the webzine…

Featured Articles on Snkrs&Shoes

  • Jordan LifeStyle – a closer look at what they seem to be doing
  • Kayne West… well he was a big-how-do-you-do last year
  •  >>A look at how to use Snkrs&Shoes to your advantage <<
  • 3 sneaker reviews… straight out of the sneaker creates aka these are already released kicks (and yes there are plenty of reviews on these things, but they are not Snkrs&Shoes reviews lol)
  • A couple of Sneaker Photoshoots… Love doing that.
  • Sole Reviews… oh you gotta wait to see what that means.
  • What If
  • 3 other randomly interesting articles

Sneaker Boutiques

  • A Map listing because… why not?
  • Special pages for each boutique as we come across it telling their story

Top 5 Gentleman’s and Gentlewoman’s shoes


  • Its time to step the game up people! you got those sneakers, now its time to get those shoes. Dress for here you are going in life!
  • Closer look at Cole Haan… love those shoes!

Positive Vibes


  • Believe it or not this blog was created to help (and have fun while doing it). It may be very very very…. very opinionated, it still will also be uplifting and junk like that.
  • Workout Routines
  • Positive Quotes from Sports Figures


The webzine will be published officially once a month. There will be bi-weekly updates bu mostly its  once a month thing. The blog is updated daily at least once.

Lets see where thing thing goes! In some ways its for fun and in other ways its an experiment.

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    April 20, 2016 at 4:21 am

  2. i love this

    July 17, 2016 at 9:55 pm

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