The Life and Culture of Kicks

The Air Jordan 11… Legend Blue vs Columbia Blue


(I just don’t get it…)

Ok Brand Jordan…. I'm going to get straight to the point. Why change the name of the color? Is there something different about this sneaker (other than the fact that it's a retro)? I love these kicks. Always wanted a pair of 11's in this colorway. I missed out when I was younger. And one of the things I loved about it was its colorway name.

It sounds really anal… Like being mad that I'm paying $200 bucks for a sneaker and the box it comes in looks like someone stepped on it… But I don't get the name change. Is it about keeping the original "original"? Is there something different about the material? Is the color a little lighter or darker?

Give me something.

At this point I'm not sure if I'm getting the AJ11 Legend Blue due to me wanting to keep my money for the remastered 2015 joints… Well joint so far cause I only want one… Those AJ 7's Bouduax (yes I know it's not spelled that way… Cut me some slack).

Hopefully I get some answers to the legend blue question.

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