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So I guess those Air Jordan 12 Gammas Sold Out


[best pics I’ve seen of the gamma 12’s]

I would think that people would be gamma-ed out. In fact the 12’s don’t look that good in this color way (remember this is the most opinionated sneaker blog EVAR). I mean let’s face it, the AJ 12’s is like the second worst design (AJ 2’s are the worst in case y’all wondering) but retros are in and re-catching all those good memories of when you was younger is also very in… So all of a sudden those 12’s look nice (even the Taxi AJ 12’s).

Well anyway to all those who got them, good wearing (if you actually wear your sneakers) to you!

Next release is basically a fusion (or maybe a hybrid???) 3 lab 5.

Now that’s an interesting sneaker.

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