The Life and Culture of Kicks

Pics of the AirJordan 2011… you know, the one they didn’t want you to see

(wow… seriously?)

So after all the take down emails and so forth saying this ISN’T the new Air Jordan 2011 and how this is a  sample, it turns out not only is this the new Air Jordan 2011 but the “sample” was spot on.

Sooooooooo…. what do you think? Looks like some cross between the Air Jordan 11 (get it? 2011… Air Jordan 11?) and some new tech. of course being the blog that this is, you know I’m gonna drop my opinion on ya so here it is…


These things look like the worst parts of the ideas that were tossed to the side making the Air Jordan 11’s. I mean wow man. Just wow.

Then again I said something like that for the Air Jordan 2010 and I ended up taking it all (almost all) back after hearing the story behind the sneakers and seeing for myself just how good of a basketball sneaker it actually is (man those 2010’s are lightweight!!!).

So maybe these will do the same? Will I (and quite frankly the entire sneakernets cause mad people were trashing these kicks) change my mind on these sneakers. Only time will tell.

Lets hope that His Airness comes out with some fantastic colorways for this sneaker cause lawd knows its gonna need it.

As Seen on MarqueeSole

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