The Life and Culture of Kicks

I’m Back… so what the hell happened?


So here we are. Its been weeks since I last posted anything related to footwear and I sure missed allot.

Got a little sick there but I am recovering nicely and getting back to the game. Its gonna be slow going at first  but eventually I will be posting  again at leasr 3-4 times a day. Plus, I already strted working on a bigger/better home site for this blog (that is taking WAY longer than I though but its all good).

I love writing about this stuff. I really do. I also love cheering (or jeering) footwear designs and such. I appreciate all the well wishers and readers sticking around to see what else I have in store for them.

Posts start up in earnest tomorrow so make sure you come back tomorrow to see what on sale around the net, news stories and commentary on design styles and the culture.

I can’t wait to begin anew! See ya tomorrow!!!!

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