The Life and Culture of Kicks


(ummmm… not too sure this works)

Well, these just hit the sneakerswebs and it  seems to be a hit. I think they could look WAAAAAAaaaaay better than what is shown, but who am I to say that they don’t truely seem to reflect the Street Figheters namesakes.

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But they do come close though.

I think for a game that was so iconic in gaming history for the 25+ crowd (and their younger siblings who they pushed away from the game), it could have been somewhat more influenced by the characters they are supposed to represent. Just a little bit more. Nothing too gaudy, just some more dressing I guess or maybe even the inner lining having something.

Somewhere there has got to be a detail or a material used to make this sneaker “kick”.

But I am in the minority on this. The sneakernets have spoken and they say it good.

More info HERE on

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