The Life and Culture of Kicks

Rihanna Doing It Up in Air Max 2010 AIR ATTACK… no clouds in my stones

(we fly high together… you know me!)

Seen this as it crossed the sneakernet wires yesterday… all I have to say is WOW. Ladies, if you’re reading this, this is how you turn a guys head. A very simple outfit with some killer kicks on.

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To top it off, she does it in the brightest, yellowest, neon-ist (real word?) sneakers in the Air Attack line up.

It doesn’t get any better than this. First seen on The ShoeGame with pics via

<< “chartreuse sneakers” LOL really Just Jared? Ok ok, I don’t expect everybody to know its officially called volt (its volt volt/volt to be specific lol) and is part of the Air Attack series of kicks.

>> oh and another BTW moment, while I was on the site there was a link to dress up like Rihanna was currently wearing… shouldn’t be too hard to find a Nike sweatsuit and those Air Attack Volt/Volt on Volt. Anyway, here is what you can do to have that look:

Nike Air Max 2010 Air Attack volt/volt >> RIGHT HERE at

Sunglasses >> RIGHT HERE

Sweat Suits >> RIGHT HERE (hoody) – and –  RIGHT HERE (pants)

As for the rest like the angel chain, alternative kicks to make the look and so forth, just check out Just for more info.

Foot Fashion Profiles

Speaking of what a celeb s wearing and junk, I did not forget that I wanted to do a monthly focus on a particular celeb (or whoever) and what they are putting on there feet. I haven’t been that successful in publishing it (to put in mildly) but it still in the works along with the main site.

Foot fashion profiles takes a look at what are on the feet of the celeb/music world.  And when I say celeb, it really could be anybody from Alicia Keys (who apparently love her shoes) to an internet (sneakernet or shoe-nets) well known and everyone in between.

Each month, one person will be the focus getting daily-to-weekly posts on what they got on and will get their own special profile on the main site (including… foot size… I am NOT a freak). While there is one person who gets the spotlight, there will be posts on other people during the month who are doing their thing kick-wise.

So don’t be surprised if Ciara makes the cut and don’t be surprised if a sneakernet person (or shoe-nets) like TokyoMike makes the focus either. You see that? Diversity!

Umm hmm, this is going to be a fun summer.

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