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The LeBron 8… the sneakernets speaks!!!

(looking good for LeBron)

The LeBron 8  preview shots has hit the sneakernets and the sneakernets responds…

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For a sneaker that you can’t see the whole thing of, it sure got some interesting opinions from people. Me personally, I love it! I can not imagine how this sneaker can look bad given some of these shots – shots of which basically tell you what the sneaker looks like.

Its not going to be as light as the Kobe V’s (or IS it???) but I am sure they will perform really nicely. I may, just maybe, get a pair and play in them to see just how well they play.

But as far as the look department is conserned, they look real good so far. Can’t imagine what they are going to do with it when the colorways start coming out…

The Sneakernets SPEAKS!!!

BUT HERE IS THE QUESTION… what are people saying online on some of the biggest sneaker sites on the net? Lets take a look.

The answer to that is more or less 50/50. That is what it seemed to me. Whether you are on Kicks On Fire:

“looks 90% the same as the 7’s”

“they might look proper
if he sticks to air max
just with diffrent patterns”

“welp that didnt take long… wack”


“i like it and i havent seen the whole shoe…”

“This shoe will get him a ring next season after he joins a contender.”

“Copy the images and piece the shoe together. It’s actually pretty flyyy”

The ShoeGame:

“I think the LeBron 7 will b his best sneaker ever. Dez sh*ts look ugly.”

“Ultimately, the Lebron VIIs were amazing and there’s pretty much no way that the Lebron VIII can top the design of the VII. But people are going to compare the two which really is not fair considering they’re gonna be two completely different sneakers”

“Looks like Nike has made some more grown man baby booties.”


“Seriously, i think the design would be a FAIL imo, the lebron 7 had a really simple design which made it real nice…this,shoe,is just like a redesign..looks clunky and generic..c’mon Nike! you were already goin’ somewhere, originality wise and design wise…”

“Gotta love the haters these will be hot trust. Every person saying fail as my man ed lover would say c’mon son. How da bleep you gonna hate on 2 time mvp footwear where he really has the best signature shoes other than Jordan.”

Whether your on these sites, the forums of other sites, or on twitter, it looks like the sneakernets either thinks its awesome or it just aint happening.

NikeTalk and the Lebron 8 preview

Taking a look at the Lebron 8 preview post on NikeTalk and the comments after the pics, there are some hard opinions on it and not all of them positive.

Negative comments from NikeTalk

Some say that they are totally unimpressed –

“I get the general idea of the shoe enough to say I am unimpressed. especially with the fact that the air max performance sucks for my style of play. again cw will be the only saving grace for this shoe and/or a zoom version later on and casually I can’t see the ultra high cut appealing to anyone without jeans”.

Another probably negative comment is a pretty classic comment ”

looks like something Captain EO would wear

Tee hee he!!!

Positive comments from NikeTalk

Other say this ”

“these 8’s look like 7’s. Interesting because the Jordan 6 and 7 look similar also. The Lebron line from the begining has been distinct looking from 1-7. The 7 is now Lebrons best selling shoe, so Nike probably wants to keep it looking as similar to the 7 as possible. Like everybody else, I gotta reserve judgement until we see the final product.”

Now of course there were other positive comments but basically they just said, “yeah, me likey”

And I have to agree.

Release Date and Price

The sneaker will release somewhere in October2010  (just in time for LeBron to pick the Knicks/Bulls/Nets/Whoever as his team) and will cost $160.

One can only imagine the main colorway considering no one knows where he is going except for him. The colorway can be any guess.

What do you think?

If you could, would you get these kicks? Do you think these will be the most beloved kicks on the planet (for at least a year) or will they be just another hot release of the many other releases set for 2010-2011?

What do YOU think of the preview shots of the LeBron 8’s?

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