The Life and Culture of Kicks

Diggin In The Sneaker Crates: Pony + PPG = Cars on Kicks????

(did anybody get these???)

As I go digging in those crates, posts from the past many years from as many sneaker and shoe sites possible (including my own), I find these gems. I remeber when i first saw it and I thought to myself that this is a great idea but I wasn’t sure how people would recieve it though. I am not sure if it sold out or not, but I do remeber it taking a while to get off the shelves in NYC (not to mention that it was still avaiavle online in most places).

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Personally I wanted to get a pair. I liked the idea, the look of the “paint” and the style as a whole. Holding it in my hands the sneaker looked REAL crisp.

I haven’t seen it applied to any other sneaker since, unless I somehow missed it. I was hoping that they try it out again for other designs, special editions and so forth but sadly it hasn’t happened.

If you collect kicks as something of a history of what was going on in the industry as wellas in culutre, lets hope you have these because it most certainly was an interesting look.

Just diggin in the sneaker crates… April 2008 on Sneakers and Shoes

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