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Nike Air Max 24-7 IN Neon

(so sweet!)

I feel like such a big dummee for not being able to find these on sale somewhere online where I usually get stuff… just for it to be on the website RIGHT HERE. They could have been in the house already.

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I’ll admit though I only want to get one of these (trying to stay on a budget this year… and next) but I like 3 of the 24-7 so far – the neons, the chili, and that 24-7 Air Attack with all reflective 3M material. Man… for a guy who doesn’t want to spend 1G on sneakers that will hardly get worn, I am sure trying to find ways to still spend the money (I will admit, I will be wearing the 4-7’s and the 2010 because they are to comfortable not to wear them all the time).

For detailed shots check out below… pretty sure the slide show is enough but just in case lol

One response

  1. Nike Air Max 24-7 running shoes,belong to air max series runing shoes.color green looking more bright.

    August 26, 2010 at 2:40 am

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